Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's all good...

And Apple Jacks too! (thanks for reminding me garnett) And lucky for Art too because the counter and sink were still stacked to the ceiling with dirty dishes when I got home from work this evening. Apparently he had enough time to make his girlfriend some muffins though. I saw the dirty pans on the counter, and the mini muffins packed away nicely in his girl friend's casserole dish that was sent over a while back bearing a gift of brownies, or cake or something equally fattening and delicious.

I think I'm jealous. I'm jealous because my son does more for his girlfriend and her mother than he does for me. It's not fair, dammit! I carried him for 9 months (which felt like 9 years!) I gave birth to his big fat head! I changed his crappy diapers.

And he makes THEM muffins! (didn't even leave one out for me.)

Yeah, okay, well, they can have him.

No wait, then who will make me coffee in the morning, with just enough hazelnut creamer to turn it a perfect shade of dark tan... and who will play Gir's 'monkey' sound bite when I get all bent out of shape. And who will call me 'jerk' a million times a day.

Hey yeah, that jerk! They can have him!

But only if I can have his pink haired girl friend cos she's adorable! And so is her mom. So... Art can go to their house and they can move in with me. I wonder if they do dishes? And make coffee... a perfect shade of dark tan with hazelnut creamer.

I think I need to go snort those Fruit Loops again.


garnett109 said...

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Jill Marie said...

Oh Noooooooooo! She's snorting stuff! LOL Okay, guys time to get together a fruit loops intervention. Hold on Dorn! We're all here for you.
I'm just picturing you with your face buried in an empty fruit loops box and when you look up...you've got cereal crumbs all under your nose and this goofy smile on your face.
:) Happy sniffing and have a good day!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Hazelnut.....hazelhut.....ahhhhhh...more hazelnut!!!

Have a great holiday!

Julie said...

Yummy, fruitloop highs. Kids, they are so ungrateful. The only time they run to mom is when they are sick and then you usually end up catching what they get and they stay a million miles away so they don't get sick again leaving you to sink in your misery, but don't ya just love them.

Sweetnessk71 said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving :)