Thursday, April 28, 2005


My ten year old daughter came to me the other day with her hands behind her back and a serious look on her face.

Rocky:  Mom, we need to talk!

Me:  Okay, what about?

Rocky:  This!

And she thrusts out her hands.  In them she has some color leaflets, a trial size deoderant stick and sampling of different minipads.  Ahhhhh, thats right, I remember signing a form giving my consent for her to attend the 5th grade Sex Education and Developement class.  'Girls have PMS, boys have poverty!'

Rocky:  We need to go to Walgreens and buy some 'supplies'.

She flipped her wrist and a whole strip of coupons unfolded like an accordian.  I was impressed, she must have practiced that move.  There were coupons for pads, tampons, deoderant and painrelievers.

Me:  Well Sweetie, I think we can wait a little before we go and get these.

Rocky:  But mom, I need to be prepared!

Me:  Darling, you're only 10, you still have lots of time.  But don't worry, I'll make sure you're prepared when the time comes.

I do believe she is actually excited to start her cycle!  If only she knew!


promiseluv372 said...

OH man!!!  I'm dreading that! My daughter is four.  Her and her step brother once got into the female products and stuck them all over each other's heads.  It was funny and odd at the same time.. they didn't really know how much $ they were wasting. Of coarse tampons can shoot out pretty far if you try hard enough.  Sigh!  
Good luck!!  
~ Promise

paintsaqha said...

Good Morning,
Thanks for the giggles this morning.. Sounds like my daughter she thought that having her "period" was the coolest thing until she got it, then she wouldn't get out of her bed for the first couple of trying to milk the whole sympathy

demandnlilchit said...

Just like WE couldnt wait to wear make up no I hardly wear it at all and I couldnt wait to carry a purse, I always wondered what woman carried in I know EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink.....I remember not being able to wait to become a woman now it's more like take my uterus PLEASE! We are always so eager to 'get there' then we end up realizing wow this is alot of work! lol

lacaza3 said...

yeah one period and she will say what was I thinking..
I had a hysteretomy in 2001 and it has been wonderful..After the hysterectomy I finally felt like I did before periods  normal and no mood swings or personality changess HA!
Donna In TEXAS

mumma4evr said...

my 2 oldest insisted they were not going to get their periods.  My 12 yo was so upset that her body betrayed yongest keeps asking when it will happen...poor baby!

sdoscher458 said...

Wow...didn't realize they are starting the "talk" so early used to around 12 years old...isn't 10 a little early? I think it's kind of a heavy thing to put on a l0 year just shortens childhood a bit more...SAndi

trishaham said...

That was sooo cute. I know they don't stay young for long these days. It seems that girls are developing earlier ( I can't believe the Bra size on some of these young girls.) and start their cycles earlier too. All of my niece's with the exception of one started when they were 11 and 12. What was their biggest concern? Learning how to use tampons so that they could go swimming in the pool. You gotta love it.

God Bless,

plittle said...

You better be ready, Dorn. There's a reason they give that class when they do. I would not be surprised if there are already girls in Rocky's class that are menstruating.

cherry2sweet2eat said...

yes i remember i couldnt wait for my period i would jump up and check my panties to see if it came..but one morning i woke up wit this horrible pain and i wished i never got it. now im on norethindrone a birth control pill because i have irregular periods sometimes i bleed for two months or more so now i dont bleed at all im so happy!! i laugh at my mom when she ask me to give her a pill nope their all mine!!!! some times its break throughs and somtimes it not any.~*diama*~

swmpgrly said...

I wasnt informed or talked too, when it happened I screamed .
I thought I was dying.

judithheartsong said...

awwwww.... what a delightful time. My daughter turns 21 next month. judi

beckieramos said...

Hi! Lovely time in a girs life huh? Don't look forward to my yougest starting. Ugghh! I have to remind her to change her underwear, let alone wear a pad!  Scary! Watch ot though, it seems like a lot of girls start early these days! God bless, Beckie

bigred3392 said...

I remember being soooooo excited to "become a woman" when I was in the 5th grade. If I had only known!

happysunshien said...

only 10?  oh man areyou in for a shock...lmao...Kadie started hers....2 months after she turned


cyndygee said...

The starting is no day at the beach and the finishing isn't either!  ARGH!

I've got a second journal, silly me, and I just started it today and it's alone and cold and comment-less (not a word, probably), anywho . . . please come visit, President Bunny.  Hop over!!!

BTW, I'm seeing your journal on the FAVORITES column of more and more journals!  Good for you.


rhondashkfree said...

Well, I raised a boy!  I think they'er easer.
But I do remenber mine.  I did look forward to it at first,
that wore off fast, like after thr first one.  lol. Rhonda

hestiahomeschool said...

Oh, Tabby can't wait.