Friday, April 22, 2005


Did I mention that I almost died yesterday?  Not really, but I thought I might, I was THAT SCARED!  Some idiot got in a truck and took off on an impulse to the mountains and it wasn't until she was driving down a narrow road with a dropoff on both sides of the road that she remembered 'Oh yeah, I'm afraid of heights, I should AVOID this drive!'  I think Big Red's steering wheel has a few more grooves dug into it.  I was so scared that I couldn't blink!

Whats with all those hair pin turns on a mountain road anyhow?  Whos idea was it to take a 10,000 foot high mountain and put all these twisty, turny roads on it... and right there on the edge of the mountain for Pete sake!  Were they CRAZY!  Did someone actually think it was a GOOD IDEA?  Good golly!  They must have been sucking on some pretty good moonshine back in those days... 'Hey Bart, lets put the most winding road possible as close to the edge of the cliff as possible on that there high mountain and see how many people fall off! Hahahaha!'  

I have to say though, yesterday, alone in the truck on that road from Hades, I conquered my demon!  And when it was time to turn back home, I went back the way I came instead of taking the long, safe, low road home.  It was a beautiful drive, and the trip was definitely worth it, but it ate up a half tank of gas so I won't be doing that again, by myself... EVER!  Phew! I almost had to change my drawers a couple of times!

You can view some of the pictures I took in Divide and Cripple Creek on my photo journal Through the Eyes of the Beholder.....


demandnlilchit said...

Getting that perfect shot makes us do some crazy things...I can't tell you how many times I have been stopped for trespassing, once they find out I'm only there for photo ops they usually let me continue........except a prison facility....I was chased out of there in a new york minute! lol But that's another story! lol

swmpgrly said...


lacaza3 said...

I'm afraid of moutains roads also...On spring break we went up a mountain well compared to colorado it was probably a hill anyway
I was so scared I wouldnt ever get out of the mountain to look at the view and I wouldnt let the kids get out..It was blowing so hard I was afraid we would fly off the mountain
Everybody laughed at me...I told them to kiss my butt
Donna In TEXAS

astaryth said...

Yeep! But the photos were beautiful... so it was worth it!

heathyrxmarie said...

Oooh! Gorgeous!  YAY on conquering your demons Dorn! Woot Woot!

boombie02 said...

Wow! That sounds pretty dang scarry! =)


piperacharmed1 said...

Congrats for conquering your fear! And that pic is just gorgeous!! I was in Colorado Springs once...forget where you are...and it was heaven! We stayed with a friend's grandparents and you could see Pike's Peak from the back windows..I just thought that was the coolest thing   : )