Tuesday, April 5, 2005


I just have to share this picture with you.  Can you guess what Rocky is doing with the power-washer?  She's killing flies!  She and her daddy had just finished washing those dishes there on the table with the jet-sprayer when the unlucky insect chose the wrong patio at the wrong time to land on.  'Whoosh!' And that was the end of the fly!

I woke this morning and discovered that the time on my computer had been set back an hour... again!  Now I KNOW I fixed the time last night, and yesterday morning... and Dickidoo set it according to the The official U.S. time - clock  on Sunday, so what is going on?  Visions of Space Odyssey and the HAL 9000 danced through my head.  Was my Motherboard taking over my computer?  Is my house next?  Is that such a bad thing?  I checked my computer clock, yes, it was set to Mountain Time... I reset the correct time, hit [Apply], then decided to check the other tabs.  And lo and behold... on the next screen... the [Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes] box had been de-selected, so every time I changed the clock, the computer would change it back!

The Light Police raided my house yesterday.... twice!  The first time was at lunch time, when Dickidoo came home to drop off some money for Rocky's science fair project.  I joined him upstairs and was greeted by his waving arms, indicating to the lights that were burning brightly in the diningroom and kitchen.  This was the first time I had been upstairs since the last of the kids left for school... I had no idea the lights had been left on.  The undercover police returned later in the evening after a stakeout at the University of Phoenix campus.  He walked upstairs and without so much as a 'Honey, I'm home!', he flailed his arms again at the kitchen and diningroom lights.  I have been tried and found guilty by association for the crime of excessive voltage abuse.  Obviously I need to go back and review my SAHM manual because I completely missed the memo onbeing accountable for childrens' wasteful acts, even if I am unaware of them.  To be more truthful I'm about ready to kick off my June Cleaver high heels cos this just isn't going to happen.  And for those of you trying at this very moment to imagine me in high heels, stop!  I only wear high heels for funerals... which might be sooner than later if someone doesn't lighten up with the nagging!  Hey, wait a minute... I thought nagging was supposed to be MY job! 

I have to hand it to him though... he's making a very conscious effort to make this work, which means cutting down on expences like utilities!  I know we can do it, we've done it before on less.  We just need to get the kids in our corner.  I fear we have spoiled them with our previous lifestyle.  The chore chart is already in effect.  Its just a draft for now, but it helps.  And (heavy sigh) I suppose I need to be more diligent with my nagging and following up on the kids.. and myself.  I wonder... did Dickidoo ever consider when he asked me to become a full time mom and housewife that I just might not have been the most qualified person for the job?


demandnlilchit said...

Dorn she is just gorgeous!!!!!!!! Do you hire her out?? I have a sink full of dishes! lmaooooo

sdoscher458 said...

Ever since I've been home now (2 years) hubby comes home (when he's working here in town) with a list of things he thinks needs to be done! For thirty years I managed to work, raise kids, take care the house, him - kit & kaboddle...something clicks in the man's brain when you give up your "day job"...like all of sudden you don't have everything else on your plate either? Sandi

cherrywish100 said...

hahahahahaha! OMG :)

purplectigger said...

Isn't it amazing , when men take over all the finicial responsibilitys , they become aware that lights are left on when they should be turned off. LOL.
Great picture.
Have a great day.
Hugs, R.C.

lazarai said...

Dorn, you might suggest to your utility-saving husband that much less water would be used doing dishes in the sink than with the power washer. Though the power washer looks like alot more fun! I gotta try that sometime.....when my husband's at work!


swmpgrly said...

dasterdly computors

heathyrxmarie said...

I love the picture!  And don't worry, you're doing great Dorn! It'll take some time, but you'll be doing it like a pro in no time!