Monday, April 25, 2005


Rocky got some money from her father a couple of weeks ago to purchase a book from the Scholastic Book Order catalog.  All of my kids love to read so we try to let them chose out their own books from this system, which benefits their school as well.

Last week Rocky received her order.  She proudly held up a bright, colorful box as she bounced into the seat in Big Red. 

Me:  'Cool,' I said, 'Whats in it?'

Rocky:  'Owl Pellets!'

Me (not sure I heard right):  'Owl Pellets?'

Rocky:  'Yeah, you know, scat'.

Me:  'Oh no, you did not buy owl barf from your school book order!'

Rocky:  'But its really cool mom, its got bones and stuff in it!'

My daughter spent $6.95 for a box with a little pastic tweezer and a foil wrapped blob of dried owl barf!  And she got this from the school's book order program.  They are selling owl barf.... someone is collecting and selling owl barf.  And kids like mine are buying it for $6.95 a hurl.  Why couldn't I have thought of that!?

Edit 4/25/05:  After a quick eye opener from PLittle I did some emergency research and was relieved to discover that the owl pellets, which my daughter purchased, and scat, which was what she called it, are NOT the same thing!  Let me tell you, even I was grossed out and that doesn't happen very often!  Thanks P.


mosie1944 said...

that's unreal.

paintsaqha said...

Just great!!!  I bet that you couldn't believe she wasn't kidding you!  ROTFLMAO!!!!!  

Just too bad that mom's like you and I don't think of selling such things...  We both went Ewwwww, and then YUCK!!

Loved this entry!  What a riot!  :o$ <holding mouth shut so I don't barf>  


mumma4evr said...

wondering if there are any owls around here andhow I can find some scat...

purplectigger said...

Isn't that how it goes. Someone is always making tons of money on something really weird. Who do we talk to , to get some of our ideas on the market., so we can make lots of money. I'm sure you have some great ideas .
Hugs, R.C.

sdoscher458 said...

OMG only YOU!! This is so funny...ROTFLMAO.....Sandi

plittle said...

It's worse than you think, Dorn. Scat refers to a substance that comes out of the other end of the animal.

swmpgrly said...


astaryth said...

ROFL... I would say that only you would have a kid buying Owl Barf, but obviously other kids are too!!!

loveladylisa1 said...

Scared me there for a minute when it was referred to as scat, LOL.  Too funny! I guess I had better be watching more closely for the stuff the kids pick out on the scolastic order form.  OMG ROFLMAO!

irishchameleon said...

My 10 yo daughter would be in HEAVEN to have some of her very own owl barf.  To heck with the gold, her heavenly streets will be paved with owl pellets.  And rocks.  And shells.  And acorns.  Yup, my li'l nature nut.  She was crushed when I threw out what I thought was a ball of foil.  Come to find out, it was filled with her little "owl belly treasures."  Some jaw bones, a leg bone, a toe here or there.  ::urk::

heathyrxmarie said...

LMAO!  How funny!

trishaham said...

LMAO!! Too Funny!!

God Bless.