Friday, April 1, 2005

HAPPY APRIL 1st... (and now for the REAL story)


Okay... not really.... my Things To Do list isn't getting any shorter. That was just wishful thinking.  But I wasn't kidding about Dickidoo finding new things to add to my list, thats like a new obsession of his, as if he feels compelled to make sure I don't get bored (?) while I'm at home.  And the chore chart for the kids... that part was for real too (sorry kids!).

Paperwork, schmaper work... I'm nowhere near being ready to file my taxes or to submit the hunting applications.  And I don't hunt dust bunnies, I collect, protect and nurture them.  Dust bunnies are my friends! 

Day 2 of my diet?  I don't do diets.  There is a reason why the word 'diet' begins with the word 'die'... Nope, pass....  The part about the hot sauce, unfortunately, was true, as was the part about constipation.  Why is it that constipation always seems to follow a bout of ... well... the squirts....  why can't I just have a happy in-between.  My bottom hurts!

Dickidoo was off today, which means he got to sleep in while I got the kids ready for school.  We were SUPPOSED to get the stuff together so we could get our taxes done, but it was such a beautiful day that I went out with my camera, and Dickidoo... took a nap!  When I returned home though he was waiting and he drove me to take some more pictures... and this time he even pulled the truck over and STOPPED!  And now he's getting the oil in Big Red changed.  Holy Hallaballoo!  Yep, I can get used to SAHM stuff!

Happy April Fools everyone!

Update:  Photos taken today in lieu of housework are posted on my photo journal: Through the Eyes of the Beholder.....


dklars said...

What? We don't get to SEE the pics?  Are you teasing us?

mumma4evr said...

I agree..where are the pics for us to see?????
Glad to hear you are nurturing the Dust Bunnies!!!

heathyrxmarie said...

Dickido Sounds like a sweetheart!  :) A keeper, definately!

cpuertas said...

I ran across your blog and I have to tell you that I laughed out loud. How can I join the Dust Bunny Club of America? Feel free to read my blog . There is actually nonsense there but it's my nonsense and I luv to share. Hope you don't mind a stranger posting on your blog and as of now I'm Cindy pleased to meet you !