Thursday, April 14, 2005


First of all, let me say that I had a great time at the Sky Sox game, even if the Sox were losing by a score of 9-3 when we had to board the buses to return to school.  And I am very proud to say that I was the text-book perfect chaparone.  I didn't lose any kids, there were no fights, and absolutely no mention of disgusting bodily functions.  AOL would have been so proud of me!  Okay, I may have mentioned something about how bugs flying up your nose might be way worse than having a bug fly into your eye, but I didn't give too many specific or graphic details.  For those 5 hours I lost my individual identity and was addressed as 'Mrs. Rocky's Mom', which really wasn't a bad thing!  And get this... because I was on my best behavior I wasn't the worst chaparone there!  No, that award would have to go to Mr. Soccer Dad, who stood up thru most of the game, blocking the view of all the kids behind him.  He was always barking at his group of students for one thing or another.  He even started yelling at the neighboring group of students.  I guess he got the hint from my glare because he didn't say a word to the nine students under my supervision.  He stood there like Ceasar, chastising the children while balancing his pizza box on one hand, his other hand on his fanny-pack... He'd turn back to the game off and on, still standing and I wanted to tell him to sit his big butt down, but the kids from the group behind him weren't watching the game, they were too busy making faces at his back.  I just smiled and let them. 

That footlong chili dog Rocky ate cost $4.25, the 2 bags of Cracker Jacks were $2.50 each, the pretzel with cheese $4.25 and the cookie... $1.25.  I left the game broke, but all in all it was very worth it. It was a very fun experience, one that I would consider doing again... if the school would ever consider having me again.  But next time I will come armed with a straw in which to shoot spit wads at Mr. Soccer Dad  if he chose to stand up infront of everyone again.


purplectigger said...

I'm so proud of you. You did great. I'm afraid I'd have to say somethng to Mr. Soccker Dad. I would have been the one in trouble.
Hugs, R.C.

awen1122 said...

Dorn, we are very proud of you here too!  LOL!!  As for being called "Mrs. Rocky's Mom"...that's the cutest thing I have ever heard!!!  LOL!


sdoscher458 said...

Love that picture of Rocky! Boy it makes me want a hot dog...Coney Island style...there always seems to be one idiot  in the bunch...he propbably thinks he's doing a good job with the kids...Sandi

mumma4evr said...

are you sure there is a hotdog under all the mustard????
gla dyou had a good time!

plittle said...

How much mustard did Rocky get in her hair?

I'm not proud of you. You should have given him the old verbal smackdown!

csandhollow said...

Please tell me that is cheese! Dad needs a d ressing down!

astaryth said...

Sounds like a good day! Rocky sure looks like she was having a good time <g>

cneinhorn said...

kudos to you for keeping it together with the soccerdadfromhell !  good for you, and you made your kid proud and that's really all that matters!  :-)