Saturday, April 2, 2005


 Can you guess which one of these statements about me is TRUE?

1.  I am a stronger swimmer than my husband.
    Although I grew up in Hawaii and spent much of my time in the ocean, I am not a strong swimmer.

2.  I just celebrated my 1st Anniversary online with AOL.
     I have been with AOL since 1998 but my Dust Bunny journal just turned 1 in March.

3.  We have 4 working computers in my house.
     While we do own 4 computers, only 2 are in commission.

4.  My real name is Jody.  Dornbrau is actually my last name.
     Dornbrau is the name of a particularily nasty German beer, I typed the name in sheer desparation while attempting to come up with a screen name that was not already in use and have been Dorn for the past 6 years.

*5.  My favorite room in the house is the kitchen.
     The kitchen is in fact my favorite room... it is also the messiest room in the house.

Can you guess which one of these statements about me is FALSE?

1.  I took my first step when I was 13 months old.
    Why walk when you can be carried?  Hey, I wasn't a dummy when I was a baby!

*2.  I love to ride dirtbikes with my family.
     I am the only one in the family who does NOT ride our dirtbikes, I prefer to watch with my feet planted firmly on the ground.

3.  I own 6 guns but not a single diamond.
     I lost my only diamond when I lost my wedding ring more than 11 years ago.  I currently own 2 shotguns, a 30.06, a .22 pistol, a flintlock dueler and a .54 flintlock rifle.  I will probably aquire more because when Dickidoo buys a new gun and feels guilty about it later he pretends that he bought it for me all along.

4.  I received wedding proposals from 5 different men.
     Dickidoo was my 4th proposal.  My 5th proposal came from his best friend, who proposed to me for Dickidoo.  I accepted the proposal by proxy.

5.  I still eat peanut butter straight out of the jar with a spoon.
     I love peanut butter, and the proper way to eat it is straight out of the jar with a spoon.  I have run out of the house on my way to work with a spoon sticking out of my mouth on more than just one occasion.

Thanks everyone for playing.  Sorry, no prizes, just a little more insight into what makes me tick (just in case anyone really wanted to know).


heathyrxmarie said...

I demand a RE-DO! Those were HARD and ALL sounded like you Dorn! LOL! ;)

swmpgrly said...

I love the
was he at least best man?

sonnyclassic said...

We need to play this more often- I love games like this.

sdoscher458 said...

Close...but no cigar! Sandi

promiseluv372 said...

I missed the "game" shoot,  very interesting Dorn Facts though.. thanks for sharing

mystafymeal4me said...

I actully got most of them

nativehopi said...

hey mom.  i dont know how all this stuff works i finally got to a computer soo.  at a party right now everyone is all trashed am yet again im the d.d.(designated driver).  now where all about to go out to the bar here soon.  ive learned that us cav scouts are one of a kind MOS no one likes us but were all respected.  oh well i gotta go on the bar mission so ill talk to ya laters mom.  love ya.  

                                                                                    Gabriel Navakuku

cneinhorn said...

I confess, I knew alot of thesee, but not all...okay, not alot, but some.  Yes, I knew some of these.  Very interesting Dorn (I like calling you Dorn, even though it's Jody, unless you rather we call you Jody?)


monponsett said...

How close was the loss of the diamond ring to the commencement of the gun collection? Methinks someone will return to the scene of the crime one day, and pay a heavy debt for it.