Sunday, April 24, 2005


I'm dying.  I have an incurible disease.  I have allergies.  I was first diagnosed 10 years ago.  I asked if it was fatal and they gave me that 'I'm sorry' look, but only said that I would have it until the day I died.  What a grim prediction!  What a long, slow, miserable, agonizing death!

I wake up every morning sneezing and am still sneezing when I go to bed.  My eyes itch so bad it feels like I've rubbed them with poison ivy.  And my nose is so sore from blowing and wiping.  I took some medicine yesterday, the non-drowsy type, and passed out!  When I woke up, I was sneezing again.  The kids think its neat that I can sneeze 10 times in a row.  My husband thinks its annoying how I sniff and sneeze morning, noon and night.  I think I should be losing weight for the amount of mucus I'm loosing all day long.    I just want it OVER!

I joke about it all the time, how I'm allergic to Colorado.  And its true, I didn't have any allergies until I moved here.  And once a year, but for 6 months out of the year, I suffer.  But I don't suffer alone.  I make everyone else around me suffers with my complaining and disgusting noises till they get to the point where they go looking for things to make me feel better just so I'll shut up.   Yesterday... it was a chocolate malt from Sonic!  Ah, yes, that temporarily relieved all symptoms!  Allergies develope tolerance to remedies though.  Today I think it might take a Grande Frappacino (double chocolate!) to make me more comforatable.


purplectigger said...

How awful. Sammie suffers from allergies also, but I've heard Turtle Cheesecake is a good temporary relieve.
Have a great day.

mumma4evr said...

where I live is supposed to be one of thw worst places to live allergy wise!!!  I hate nost constantly drips....

cneinhorn said...

oh no! feel better, hopefully the season will pass soon and you'll be allergy free!


aiibrat said...

hmmm, sounds like chocolate is the cure!!! -=P

blah, allergies suck.  i would say wear a surgical mask for the six months, but that would be too weird.

i hope your allergies aren't going to get worse!

sdoscher458 said...

I feel your pain.  Right now the tree pollen in Florida is off the wall...affects my breathing....I wheeze everytime I breathe..yuck....I need the heavy summer rains to get rid of all this pollen.....then I can't stand the heat! Never had any allergies in New York...only since I'm down here.....Sandi

bigred3392 said...

I sooo feel your pain! But yes, chocolate IS  a wonderful cure. I prescribe you at least two chocolate beverages a day.