Thursday, April 14, 2005

LETS PLAY BALL, and the attack of the Bots!

I'm using the AOL Bot for IM-ing journal entries... too cool! Anyhow, I'm getting ready to leave for the Sky Sox baseball game as Class Chaperone. Rocky has been bragging at school about me and I feel like I'm some kind of celebrity, a Fart Legend or something like that. (I really don't fart a lot in public). Hopefully I won't end up at the back of the bus in time-out. The school may never invite me to chaparone again, but thats okay, I'm going today and I'm soooo excited. LETS PLAY BALL!
Edit:  AOL Bots are NOT cool.  The crazy thing won't switch from my test journal to my Dust Bunny journal.  I even signed off of AOL 3 times, and then when I signed back on... the evil, possessed AOL Bot IMed me to let me know that it had added my last entry to my journal.  I guess there is some special command to switch over to another journal, but the Bot is not telling me what it is.  It doesn't want me to switch... It wants to keep posting the same entry in my test journal.  It wants to take over my computer, and then It wants to take over the WORLD!  But I am smarter than It.  I am going to manually add this entry, the way I always do, the good old fashioned way.  And later I will find a way to get rid of It and make It stop sending those stupid IMs to my test journal!  For now.... I have a ball game to go to!


plittle said...

You need to set up a different bot for each journal.

sdoscher458 said... you lost me...bots? if you use the im thingy you automatically get a bot? What's a test page? You have a separate journal to take errors out? I've been typing directly into mine all the time...oh, well eventually I'll learn....have fun at the game....Sandi

mumma4evr said...

this sounds like a very bad new toy...I know bot refers to a robot...but what is the aol bot thingy youa re using???

csandhollow said...

you need to type q after sending the entry. Then it will stop. make sure you always type q after finishing an entry. That way when you IM the bot it will ask you which journal you want to put it in. I have successully used it to IM each journal one right after another.

bigred3392 said...

I have pointy-heeled shoes, therefore, I can help you fight the IT! *attacks bot*

paintsaqha said...

I see  your journal is doing the same strange thing as mine.  One of your older entry's shows up first, I had to click look at older entry, then I was rewarded with your newest entry.  My journal is doing the same stupid thing.... Grrrrrr

cneinhorn said...

you might has well have written this in chinese jodi, for all i understood of it, bots pots snots?  huh? ;-)


purplectigger said...

I hope you have a great day. I'm sure the kids will have a blast.
Hugs, R.C.