Friday, April 1, 2005


I've finally done it, I've whittled my 'Things To Do' list from about 130 items down to just 4... the main bathroom, the kitchen shelves, the hall closet (scary) and the laundry room.  Once I finish those today my Spring Cleaning is offically OVER and Spring Break begins for me.  And starting tomorrow... the kids new Chore Assignment charts go into effect (that should go over REAL well!)

I guess today is a paperwork day... fun stuff like taxes and hunting applications, but for once I'm prepared.  And I have a good feeling about it this year... we may even get a refund.  Not too sure about the hunting draw though.  I've not been too lucky lately and had to sit out last season.  The only hunting I did last year was hunting for Dust Bunnies, and even then I came out empty handed, even though there are tracks and signs of their presence all over my house.

Day 2 of my diet... and its not looking too promising at this point.  I tried to purge my system, but unfortunately when I was praying to the good Lord to cure me of the painful effects of hot sauce on my breakfast sandwich, He responded by replacing my hot-squirts with.... you guessed it... constipation!  So, for the time being, what goes in is NOT coming out, and I am holding excess weight.  It should look good on my little weight chart though when my Maker finally decides that he's had enough fun with me and lifts the curse.  In the mean time, its an all liquid diet to avoid any further build up at the dam.

Well, I'm off to get the kids ready for school.  Dickidoo is off today, but I'm letting him sleep in since he's the hard-working, breadwinning head-of-the-household now.  I imagine when he gets up he will have added a dozen more items to my Things To Do list so I guess I better get started now.  Oh yes, the leisure life of a Stay At Home Mom!


adlessor said...

Ok bragger, Come to my house and help me with my list.  What a show off ypu are!!!  LOL   Have a lovely day.     Dawn

sdoscher458 said...

I've been home for over a year but I'm not organized...send some strength my way please.....catch those dust bunnies, head em out round em up....Sandi  

swmpgrly said...

I wish I could say that!

purplectigger said...

Good Luck on that list. It looks like staying at home is as much work as having a job. Only the pay isn't as rewarding.
Have a great day.
Hugs R.C.

bigred3392 said...

Congrats on a job well done with the spring cleaning!

As for the word: BRAN

trishaham said...

Godd luck!! I've been stay at home housewife for 3 years. I was alot more organized when I was working. Now procrastinate more then ever before. I'll probably get my spring cleaning done in time for Christmas. lol

God Bless.

heathyrxmarie said...

:)I'm glad that your week went well!  Here's to hoping that Dickidoo doesn't add a billion things on your list!

monsheree2277 said...

Hon, I have just recently started a chore chart for my boys (10,6,4). Everyone that knows us laughed at the thought. I have to say, it is going great so far. It has been kept up since the first of March. YAY!! They actually like being able to find things. They are playing with toys they forgot they had. LOL

I love your journal. I read everyday, I think this is my first time commenting though.