Wednesday, April 27, 2005

TV HABITS, a metamorphisis.

Once upon a time I used to be hip, I used to watch all of the new sit-coms and mini-series on TV.  I was 'in the know' about the night-time dramas, I bonded with the players on RealityTV.  I watched American Idol, and I voted!  I knew all the answers to the puzzles on the Wheel of Fortune before the idiot contestants did.  I needed to know who shot Jr!

Things are different now.  I'm a SAHM (I really hate that acronym!) I can watch all the soap operas I want.  I can watch all the reality shows I want.  I can watch game shows, I can watch mini-series.  I can watch Oprah and Springer!

And what do I watch?  I watch the news.  I watch O'Reilly and Hannity & Combs.  I watch Emeril and Bobby Flay.  I watch... the Iron Chef!  I watch Queer Eye and Pimp My Ride.  But mostly I watch... the Discovery Channel!  Last night I even left my computer (gasp!) to watch 2 back to back episodes of The Deadliest Catch.

I don't know whats happened to me.  Its like letting a kid loose in a candy store but instead of grabbing candy, the kid looks for carrot sticks and granola bars.   Good golly, I know whats happening!  I'm turning into my PARENTS! (gasp heard round the www!)


lacaza3 said...

WE got dish network which has a built in dvr so now I can record everything I want to watch and watch it at my conveincence sp?
I feel like a lazy bum lol.I do enjoy fast forwarding through commericals lol
Donna In TEXAS

paintsaqha said...


What can I say other than I have been there and done that... Except with me it's the Animal Planet.. What is really sad, is the fact that I watch one episode of Austin Stevens Snake Master  and then when it comes back on several hours later I sit like I am stuck to the sofa watching intenly.. Like I heave never seen it before, I even gasp when I did during the first show... Talk about being a sick puppy... I am ashamed to admit this to anyone, but it seems like you have the same affliction.. lol...
Have a great day!

mom23nca said...

Turning into our parents!  Everyone's worst nightmare!!!

mumma4evr said...

The radio station I listen to on my way to school was talkinga obut the Deadliest Catch...and no, it wasn't talk radio but a Rock station!  

jemynidrymr said...

I SO SO SO feel your pain.......hehehe !
Thanks for stopping by my journal and Im headin over to tha b&b right now!

bbluekittie said...

Yes, about that :turning into your parents!Im 39 and not getting any younger......blablabla.......I found myself telling my son: You don't want me to come in there.........Well it's official. It happend, so I know what you mean!LOL

purplectigger said...

OMG. You need an intervention. You need to watch lots of Oprah, Springer, The Nanny and Fear Factor while you are watching these shows, you must eat bon bons and cheese cake.
Have a great day. R.C.

cpuertas said...

Dear God why is it that we all turn into our parents at some point or another ? I say watch some more Springer , Check out the latest rounds of Paternity tests on Maury , Take a bubble bath and if all else fails accept the unacceptable .  NOT! FIGHT IT FIGHT IT FIGHT IT! We are all Behind U

redbird914 said...

Now wait a cotton pickin minute there ... we can't ALL turn into our parents!!!  It's just not fair.  Just not RIGHT ! ! !  You got there first ... you're welcomed to it ! ! !  I'll step in another line and be someone elses parents  HAHA

cneinhorn said...

the deadliest catch is that fishing show right?  I missed the second episode, but did see the first...scary stuff...I don't like watching that kind of show because then  I think of my hubby out on the rough seas but he loves that show.  I go through phases with the news...I find if I watch too much of it, brings me down, so then go back to shows like Pimp my Ride (what a great show!) or fluff tv like 3s company.  ~

cneinhorn said...

I didn't realize the graphic at the bottem of your entry was an active link...took me right to info about the show, yes, that is the same show, hubby loves it, but it troubles me because he has the same job, different catch though.