Monday, April 11, 2005

SNOW DAY? 'whats cookin' air fresheners and stomach rumbles!

Its funny how in a state where it snows 7 months out of the year, it just takes a couple of inches of the white stuff to shut down the whole state.   Snow isn't the only cause for concern though, icy roads are trecherous and the wind chill can be deadly.  My children look forward to the snow, not because they enjoy playing in it, although they DO.  No, they look foward to it for one main reason... SNOW DAYS!  If there is one flake present they are sitting infront of the tv in the morning with one ear on the local radio station waiting to hear their school district being listed as closed or delayed.  It never happens though.  Rumor has it that the district's Board of Directors came from Alaska where snow was never a reason to cancel classes.  Never the less my children sat close to the tv this morning, listening ever so intently, ever so optimistically, waiting until the last possible moment to step outside.... just in case the district lets out a last minute bulletin.  It didn't happen and they left grudgingly for school, poor kids.

The house smells like roast pork and gravy, last night's supper reheated for breakfast.  Why don't airfresheners come in savory fragances like roast pork, or bacon?  Even garlic bread or pizza!  Those are a few of my favorite fragrances and yet you never see them as a Glade Stick-up, or a car-freshener.  Don't know why, everyone likes the smell, and it would give visitors the impression that you have been hard at work in the kitchen while masking unpleasant odors.  Much of the time my house smells like 'funk de jour', usually dirty laundry or the weekend's left overs.  A little spray of Glade's new 'What's Cookin' air fresheners would definitely be an improvement.  Imagine Dickidoo coming in after work, smelling Glade's Country Potroast scented Famous Fakes, and then being totally disappointed when I drop a plate of Vienna sausages on the table in front of him.  Its almost worth inventing just to see his expression!

My stomach has been making a lot of noise lately.  People around me look at me as if I had done something unpleasant.  What?!  It was just my stomach rumbling!  Of course they never believe me, but thatsokay.  I have a feeling that in a day or so they will learn first hand how to tell the difference between my stomach and my butt because that rumbling isn't the 'feed me, I'm hungry' rumble, its the 'pre-vapor' rumble!  Once those rumbles are vaporized there will be no doubt as to where they came from!


amy122389 said...

I have a 'Cinnamon Bun' smelling candle.....every time somebody comes in the house "Are you making cinnamon bu.......oh.  it's the candle..  ::sigh::  "  ROFL


happysunshien said...

lmao...oh that is too funny!  I like to eat dressing for breakfast after Thanksgiving and Christmas...lmao.....with warmed giblet gravy on top...hehehhee....and i love boiled leftover turnips with salt pepper and butter for breakfast...yummmmm and I thought I was the only weird one...heheheh


mumma4evr said...

my house has the lovely aroma of last nights bacon!  yum!

purplectigger said...

You have such good ideas, maybe you should invent one or several new sents and become rich. I know I'd buy them.
hugs, R.C.

lacaza3 said...

I think we could have checks that smell...You could mail the smelley ones to your bill collector lol
Donna In TEXAS

hestiahomeschool said...

Sometimes when I need to feel like I have accomplished more than I have when my DH is about to arrive home I slice up some onions really quickly and carmelize them in butter. It makes the house smell like I have been hard at work cooking.

BTW, we put the hotdog picture of Rocky up as our desktop background. She is just TOO cute.
love, Kas