Friday, April 15, 2005

test test test test
Change Journals- Type journal: followed by a journal name (e.g. journal:my first journal).
Add Subject to Entry- Type subject: followed by a journal entry subject (e.g. subject: blogs).
Add Music to Entry- Type music: followed by a description of what you're listening to at the moment (e.g. music:springsteen).
Add Mood to Entry- Type mood: followed by a mood (e.g. mood:happy).
Quit Journal- Type quit to leave the journal you're currently working on.

Okay, so to switch to another journal I actually had to type the word [quit], and was then given the option to work on another journal. I guess It isn't so bad once you get to know It.

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amy122389 said... works  :-D


promiseluv372 said...

1 2 3... :)  Did I pass the test?
~ Promise