Monday, April 4, 2005

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS, and things not to do while you're sitting on the toilet.

I hate daylight saving time.  2 times a year we have to either set the clock forward or back an hour just so we can keep up with the sun until Leap Year, at which time we add another whole day!  Why don't we just leave it alone... By the time Leap Year gets here we should be right about where we're supposed to be.  And while we're talking about Leap Year, if you ask me... that extra day should not be added into the work week... it should be... a HOLIDAY!

The only problem we encountered this year is that everyone was so intent on 'springing ahead' and making sure that all the clocks were changed... that nobody was really keeping track of which ones had aready been changed and which ones still needed to be set.  By sundown we had no idea what time it was.  My computer was supposed to adjust to the correct time automatically, but apparantely it did not.  My daughter changed my range clock... after someone else had already changed it so that clock was an hour ahead. Of all the clocks and watches in the house, not a single one of them was telling the correct time, and no two clocks were the same.  We ended up going online to get the correct time and then Dickidoo went back through the house adjusting all of the clocks.  Except for mine... he knows better.  Mine stay the same year round.  Eventually it catches up and I avoid the kind of chaos that was present in the house today.  This morning my computer was one hour behind.  Come on, is all this really necessary?

Yesterday, while I was sitting on my favorite Yahtzee chair playing pocket Yahtzee (and winning by the way!) I became aware of giggling coming from the room next door.  Well the room next door is the main bathroom.  Why would someone be in there giggling?  Before long the giggles turned into out right laughter!  Now I was just plain worried... what could possibly be going on in the bathroom that was that funny?  I quickly finished up my game and exited my Executive Suite and went down the hall where my oldest daughter was just coming out of the bathroom, the sound of the toilet running in the background... and the wireless IMer in her hand!

Boobidoo (thats me):  I KNOW you were not using that thing whileyou were sitting on the pot!
Bobblehead (thats Becca):  Yeah, so, you play yahtzee when you're on.
Boobidoo:  But thats not interactive, I'm not talking to someone... thats like peeing while you're talking on the phone, its like talking to the person in the next stall while you're dropping a load... you just don't do it!
Art (thats Art):  Thanks mom... I was trying to ignore her.

Okay, so let me get this straight.... my daughter was sitting on the throne relieving herself while she was IMing her brother who was sitting in the diningroom.  Now I know what my kids did all day while I was at work!

Yesterday I posted an entry about pulling some white hair from my head.  I also posted a picture of myself with me with my version of a Farah Fawcett Major's Big Hair-do.  After reading some of the comments I am thinking that some of you might have thought that was my real hair.  Well, it is... sort of.  I added a little fullness and volume with the help of PaintShopPro.  Just to clear it up, I am posting a picture of me before and after my make-over.


sonnyclassic said...

My My My, the wonders of Paint Shop..... and Wireless IMers at that!

sonnyclassic said...

It's wierd, but you fooled even me. What really wierd is you look DIFFERENT with the not so bog hair, and all you did was retouch the hair correct?

cneinhorn said...

wow dorn, you look maaavelous!  had no idea PSP could give makeovers! great shots!


hestiahomeschool said...

you are sooooo beautiful!!...with or without big hair..

gdireneoe said...

Hi dornb,  you are living my dream girl!  i want to be there too!  i am new to this journal/blog thing.  your writing style is a validation that i am on the right track!

sdoscher458 said...

Looks good both ways...if you take your "real" hair and out it up in pincurls...when you let it down you'll look like photo #2!  Sandi