Thursday, March 2, 2006

BLOG JOG (edited)

Since my 15 minutes of fame as AOL Journals Guest Editor and my subsequent lay off, I have encountered a treasure tro of new reading material in the form of journals.  Some of these journals are new and some are just new to me.  One was an old favorite which got moved and renamed, removed and reborn and yet its charm remains.  I could save these for my next term in office, but lets face it... it took me almost 2 years to make it the first time around and with new journals being added daily I don't foresee a return visit any time soon.  Besides, it would be an injustice to keep these wonderful journals a secret, so, without further ado or typos, may I present my un-official-no-longer-guest-editor-of-the-week-picks:

The Diatom Project :  This is not a new journal, but I discovered it during my featured week.  When I read this I think I should be offering comfort and support, and yet it is I who comes away comforted and feeling stronger.  This is a touching love story laced with sadness, strength, and puzzles! 

Deatha's Theory :  Now this IS a brand spankin new journal and yet after just 2 entries I have already been inspired by the message.  Be yourself.  Caution... don't read this if you can't handle a free-thinking, self confident woman.

The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind : Another new journal, but not new to writing.  I have really enjoyed this slant on things.  Funny, yet serious.  Not seriously funny, but definitely not seriously serious either.  Its a thinker.

Involuntary Motion:  Old favorite, new journal.  This is Richards Bend reborn.  I was so disappointed when the other journals closed down and the final one had not been updated since mid December.  I had intended to present it as one of my featured picks.  Today, on a fluke, I clicked the dormant link and there was a new entry which contained a two word link.  I clicked the link and poof!  There it was, in fresh, vibrant color, like it had never been gone.

I hope you will check these journals out, because if you do I can almost guarantee that you will enjoy them as much as I do.

There, that's my good deed for the day.  Now am I forgiven for my weather report tantrum earlier?


lovlbbskts said...

My comment isn't a comment at all, it's a question....PLEASE can you help me figure out how to love these blankity blank blank AOL journals? How do you find these gems? I have ZERO luck when web wandering for fun journals. Heck, if I didn't leave a trail, and somehow figure out how to get notices of yours to my email (God must have given me extra something and it wasn't brains - braun perhaps which is, oh by the way, not desirable in a woman). So, if you would be so kind as to put me out of my misery and explain this to me in plain English, I would be forever beholding to you. If I knew how to put pictures in, I could even bring chocolate! :) Thanks so much. You are one friendly face on the big, bad, superinformation highway that, after a decade of wandering I'm finding has a whole new language we're speaking and the speak of RSS and blogs and feeds is SO like I was transported to Mars without being told.

Thanks so much! LOVE your blog; you always make me smile.

am4039 said...

Thank you for still kinda being guest editor, lol I'll check them out.

princesssaurora said...

I will check them out later... I don't have time for more blogs to read!  YIKES!

be well,

jackiebenice said...

Hmm I'll check 'em out!

Take care..And if I forgot to say..CONGRATS, on the guest editor gig u had!..take care


sunnyside46 said...

yay for you!

gdireneoe said...

Oh wow!  You've named one of MY favourites...The Diatom Project.  I've known them through Jland for nearly a year...wonderful people...poignant story. ;)  C.

dpoem said...

Heya Dorn!   Thanks so much for putting me on your list.  I'm serious...  or..  seriously serious in a kind of seriously funny sort of way.  

Umm..  I think I just broke my brain now.  I'd better run before I drool or something.  

Thanks again,