Thursday, March 16, 2006


Okay, as Plittle pointed out in his comment in an earlier entry, I may have been a little unfair in my critique of Dickidoo's picture.  Maybe........  But let me point out that more often than not he expects me to snap pictures from a moving... nay.... a speeding vehicle rather than him stopping and pulling over so that I can get a better picture so naturally I would expect better from him under the same circumstances.  Now, perhaps I may have under emphasized his photographic abilities by just a smidgen because he has been taking pictures... good pictures... for many years now and is no stranger behind the lens of an SLR but he does not approach the art with the same passion and devotion or obsession as I and so there exists the rivalry of his casual weekend photographer approach to my photo-maniac papparazi style.   

Once I scoffed about his need for so many different guns.  There was the 'deer in the field' gun, the 'elk on the mountain' gun, the 'duck in the pond' and the 'goose in the sky' guns.  It never ends.  Now he has turned the tables on me as I demand a 'flower in the garden' lens, the 'bug on the flower in the garden' lens, a 'bird in the sky lens' and of course the 'feather on the bird in the sky' lens.  And yes, it never ends!

So anyhow, in all fairness, I would like to direct you over to my photo journal when I am featuring a couple of Dickidoo's pictures that he took with my baby yesterday.  And grudgingly I must admit that they are okay, I suppose, in a casual, weekend photographer, auto-focus kind of way.



plittle said...

I had no desire to defend dickidoo's prowess with a long lens. My comment was solely intended to make you deathly nervous over how your baby might be being treated.

dornbrau said...

You know what Paul, that was just WRONG!  The thought never even entered my mind and now look what you've gone and done, I'll be paranoid until they get home safe and sound... I hope!

xomywayox said...

Foul! Foul!  Do as I say and not as I do! LoL You know this is like patting Dickidoo on the head and saying "good boy".


dornbrau said...

>>You know this is like patting Dickidoo on the head and saying "good boy".<<

Yeah Brenda, I know, but I figure I owe him at least one 'good boy' since he just bought that new lens for me.  (coincidentially just in time for his trip) I feel obligated to being civil until my baby is back home safe in my hands once again.

demandnlilchit said...

When Im asked how much jewelry, shoes and handbags does one woman need? I am quick topoint out the many guns, fishing poles and deerstands her possess, after all he can only have one in the hand at a time! lol

am4039 said...

ok I'll check it out and I know they can't be as good at yours.