Wednesday, March 15, 2006

DAY 3... (edited.. with pictures!)


Day 3 without my baby.  Agh!  At least I have coffee this morning.  Dickidoo sent me some pictures last night that he had taken with my baby while visiting some old friends of ours (old as in we've known them for a long time, not old as in age because they are younger than we are).  He even took pictures of their supper.  They had beef roulades and spaetzel.  We had taco-roni and cheese.  Yeah, its sucks to be me sometimes!  (Hi Doris, I miss you!  Come cook for me!)

Zack went to see the occupational medicine doctor yesterday.  Its official, when he rolled that pallet of water softener salt over his foot the other night he fractured his toe.  Now he is hobbling around with a velcro slipper on.  He got it extra large in an effort to prevent accidental bumping against the injured toe.  In actuality the extra length serves as a paddle that knocks and bumps everything in his path.  I don't think he's figured it out yet, but if he knocks one more thing over in my presence I'm going to chop that foot off myself!  Agh!

Okay, I'm okay.  Got a caffeine refill.  I'll be fine in a second.


sdoscher458 said...

Oh that food sound good.  That was like pictures of a feast. Sorry that Zack got hurt, ouch anything with the feet is painful.  Have another cup of coffee and try to will be back shortly....Sandi

princesssaurora said...

Poor Zack!  Have some more coffee hon!!  Hang in there!

be well,

gdlywom said...

I don't know what a beef roulade and spaetzel is.  I will have to look it sounds good!  Taco-roni and cheese sounds good, too!!!!!  Zack must be one of your sons.  Poor Zackm and poor you!!!  Glad you got coffee!  :-) LOL

am4039 said...

so happy that your got your coffee. lol don't cut the foot off.