Wednesday, March 22, 2006

PERFECT SPELLING, and blogging about blogging.

I ran the spell check on an earlier entry from another blog and this window immediately popped up.  I had to get a screen shot of it because that'll never happen again!

Am I the only one who gets a little irritated by these things when trying to leave a comment on other blogs?  I understand their importance in the war against spammers, but I always feel like I'm being tested.  I find myself staring extra hard at the letters that are intentionally squiggly and nonsensical in an effort to memorize them in the correct order.  I toss out the faster '10 finger touch' method of typing that I was taught to do in school in favor of the 'so slow you can't possibly make a mistake 2 finger hunt and peck' style.  When I finish typing the series of alphabets, I double check them to make sure they are accurate before hitting the [Login and Publish] bar.

But today I decided to rebel.  I have always wondered what would happen if one were to incorrectly type in the security word.  Would my computer shut down and lock up?  Would there be a knock at the door just nanoseconds before the Anti-Spam Task Force broke down my door and blasted me with canned air?  Would I be barred from commenting on the blog for the rest of my days?

Actually all that happened was a <<Web Site Not Responding>> window popped up and I quickly X'd out, feeling a little sheepish and more than just a little disappointed.  Being a cyber-baddie is definitely over rated.

Isn't it kind of ironic that the spell check for AOL journals doesn't recognize the word 'blog'?  I guess that they never figured that any of their bloggers would ever have the need to blog about blogging.  Needless to say, this entry did NOT get the 'perfect spelling' award from the spell check fairy.  There are so many yellow highlights that it looked like a bottle of mustard exploded all over it.


dornbrau said...

Hahahaha!  The spell check missed a 'blog'!  Too funny!
(okay, maybe I'm just a little too easy to amuse, but I still think its funny!)
Know what else is funny?  Me commenting in my own blog!  Hehehehe!

candlejmr said...

Those squiggly letters drive me out of my MIND.  What is the point??? Grrrrr.....


plittle said...

Here's a photoshop idea: change that spell check message so that it reads: "You have perfect speeling!"

princesssaurora said...

I hate those things too... I got one yesterday on ebay and I was signed in!  I mean sheesh!  lol

be well,

deslily said...

those letters on blogspot drive me nuts too and i have my journal "mirrored" over there (cause i know sooner or later aol will screw up my journal and this way i won't loose it)  There is a way for the blog person to take them off (I did).. but now i have to monitor my comments there because some ..grrrr...really nice person..grrrrr was leaving ads in my comments.

hey I'm the typo queen if i took the time to use spell check it would take me a week to post!! lol lol...  

wha'samatter? can't you read typonese?? sheesh.

lilhoneybee81 said...

That's weird...I've never had that box pop up!


sepintx said...

Blogger's spell check sucks and it too does not recognize "blog" as a word. I don't use the captcha verification on blogger. Alot of folks do use it and there are nights when I have to do that two and three times to leave a comment.

am4039 said...

yep it does look like mustard, lol.  I hate those little yellow lines they drive me crazy, lol