Monday, March 6, 2006

PIN-UP OF THE MONTH, and floogers

Trust Gabe to get something as awkward as a giant mallet and turn it into a GQ photo opportunity.  He sent me loads of pictures yesterday but I have to check with him as to which ones can be displayed in public before posting them.  I'm thinking that might be his bunk behind him, as you know, the housekeeping trait is a dormant gene in my pool.

I think I finally fell asleep a few minutes before the alarm went off at 5:30.  Dickidoo didn't say anything about the pokes in the ribs.  In fact, he seemed quite bright-eyed and bushy tailed this morning... that dog!

Do you know what a 'flooger' is?  A 'flooger' is a booger that sticks to your finger or nostril no matter how hard you flick or wipe.  Its amazing the things one can learn from kids isn't it?


mumma4evr said...

go back to bed...youa re making me tired thinking of how little sleep you got!!!!

princesssaurora said...

Oooh pics from Gabe!  I hope he lets you put some up!  I love that one... he is just the handsomest soldier I have ever seen!  Proud mama!!!

be well,

xomywayox said...

Yes, Gabe is a cuite pie. Your the only J- person who writes about farts & boogers! LoL


deslily said...

oh yeah.. got a cutie there alright Dorn lol..  better not get him mad, he might bring the mallet home! hehe..

heck his bunk looks great.. you haven't seen how i have to live!

always a good day when you hear from Gabe!

am4039 said...

flogger, lol funny.  Nice picture with the mallet.

gdireneoe said...

Ok Dorn...YERP!...that actually made me gag. ;)  C.

redbird914 said...

Of course Gabe is a cutie pie!  Yes, I would say he has the typical 'kuku housekeeping  habits ... some things never change.  And, girl, you need to petition the school board about  taxes ... if they're taking your tax money to pay for this new wave of American slang to incorporate into our childrens' vocabulary, I would seriously challenge it!!!  I mean, surely kids wouldn't sit around at recess time making this stuff up, RIGHT???

dpoem said...

Okay.  After looking at that picture, I realize that Gabe seems to be asking himself:  "Now where did mom want me to put that window?"