Sunday, October 17, 2004


Okay, well, you all know its coming, so here I goooooo...... Woo hoo BRONCOS!  The Raiders are like our rival team, and when the two teams play its a real grudge match.  Oakland had the hometown advantage but lets face it, Denver is just a better team.  Final score:  Broncos 31 - Raiders 3.  And you've probably already guessed this as well... I was at work during the entire game!  I have accepted that it is too late for any chance of legislature changing the policies requiring loyal football fans to work on game days for this year, but perhaps I can get a bill on the ballot for next season.  I'm also working on getting Super Bowl Sunday to be declared a National Holiday. 

68days until Christmas


cneinhorn said...

Now how about them Yankees? LOL
I'm watching the 14th inning against the Red Sox as I write this, noone was wacthing Monday Night Football around these parts Dorn, my friend, our Yanks just have to win!!!!

levi1023 said...

Dorn! You're killin me here with the Christmas counter!
66 says till an all out Panic attack.

st0rmwhispers said...

68days until Christmas!  

Do you know where your Christmas tree lights are????????????