Friday, October 15, 2004

WORD FROM GABE, and chocolates (or not!)

I missed Gabe's call last night.  He spoke with Rocky.  He's fine and has already made a couple friends.  He's having fun... for now.  I suppose that will change once the training cycle starts in a few days.

I've been having some wild cravings for chocolate.  Not just any old chocolate but expensive gourmet chocolate.  My neighbor and chocolate supplier brought these chocolates over during the early part of the week.  I took a picture of it, then grabbed the coconut crunch.   There are two layers.  I was looking forward to scarfing down the second one at a later time.  Unfortunately while I was savoring the thoughts of future pleasures my kids were scarfing down the rest of the box.  Now all I have is the photograph.  I guess I should be happy that I did not consume the confections and have to deal with the excess calories.... but dang it, I had it all figured out... I was going to implement the Dornbrau Miracle Weightloss Program .  One day those little rodents will get a craving and no way to sate it, and I will LAUGH in their little faces. Mooo Haaa Haaa Haaa Haa ha! 



cneinhorn said...

I'm glad he's made some friends.  

That chocolate looks you got me craving some too, but at least you posted your weightloss system, which I have to confess, really does work, ;-)


ikoiko33 said...

mmmmmmm ... chocolate!!

We always used to have that Whitmans Sampler around the house, but my mom and my sister go thru EVERY one, squeezing them, to see what type of middle they have!!


spurgins311 said...

Now you got me drooling....I want some chocolate candy! just looks soooo good, so rich, so-so-so FATTENING! But, still I am drooling!

Geesh....Dorn, why did you put the dang picture in here! I feel like licking the screen. :)


hestiahomeschool said...

This flu I had was a quick way to shed seven pounds...

mzgoochi said...

Glad Gabe is doing good Dorn. Sorry to hear you missed his call.