Sunday, October 24, 2004

RACKEN FRACKEN FRANKENPUTER, and the trick, (no treat)!

Spent most of the day fussing with the Frankenputer... something happened to it and suddenly the kids couldn't get online any more.  Finally fed up, I restored the entire hard-drive.... except for the iKernel... what ever that is.  And apparently its pretty important if you want to install all the drivers.  The wonderful self-help trouble-shooter prompt from XP suggests that I download the drivers from the online helpsite... but I can't load the network adapter to get online without the driver.... Aghhhhh!

I got an early 'trick-or-treat' from Sir Dickidoo.... he was offered Bronco tickets for the Atlanta game on Halloween.  He turned them down because he knew I would want to be here to pass out cider to the neighborhood kids.  Hello!  Are you crazy?  Call them back!  I want those tickets! 

I understand that several religious organizations are upset because Halloween falls on their Sabbath this year.  Well folks, I'm not too happy about it falling on Football Sunday either, but deal with it!  I have, or at least I will.... I'm moving my TV set up on the foyer by the front door so I can pass out candy AND watch the game.

Poor Art wasn't feeling well all day yesterday.  His stomach hurt, much the same as mine did the other day.  I asked him what he ate, thinking that might be the problem.  Just some chimichangas for brunch.  How many?  3.  And didn't you eat some for supper the night before?  Yes, but only 2.  Holy mackerel... thats 5 chimichanga's in his 'short for his age' body.  Zero visability folks, zero breathability as well.

That got me to thinking, do they fart in the White House?  My family could never be the First Family because they'd be constantly clearing the White House for possible chemical warfair after our weekly chimichanga night.

Gabe called yesterday.  He started his training on Friday.  He says its not as bad as he had been thinking it would be.  Thats good, but I don't expect that will last.  Steve tried to put the call on speaker-phone and hung up.  Gabe wasted another precious minute calling us back, you know how long it takes to punch in all of those calling card numbers.... After that he only had enough time to say good-bye.  But he sounds like he's having a good time and is happy.  I slept well last night.


theduchessofdirt said... of my friends refers to her lawn mower as Frankenmower...she says the mower makes crop circles all over her yard when she mows! I love it when computer books or help line recommend you go online to answer your question...Dell has a message that repeats constantly telling you to go on you wouldn't if you could.

tbroussard26 said...

Funny journal...very cute stuff.  Thanks for sharing~

cneinhorn said...

my frankenputer is still running on WindowsME, it won't take an upgrade without crashing! LOL  

dancingmuffins said...

haha see i am the oppiste. I grew up in very jewish family and was never able to go trick or treating on Saturday. Then if it was a school night I hgad to be home really really early which meant very little candy for me. I am too old ot go trick or treating now (sadly cause there is no place on campus to go) but oh well.


xxlilfweak1231xx said...

the things about the white house is sooooooo  funny!!!   my lil one has the worst gas after she eats certain food... and for a lil one that is not even 3 she has some real tear jerkers!!!    but my mom....  she is soo funny sometimes- she will swear that she DOES NOT EVER FART IN PUBLIC!!!  but i am a witness to the "hurry to the next aisle in wally world" trick!!  ha ha!!  have a great day!!   rachel