Monday, October 11, 2004


Its after midnight and I'm still awake.  This is not good!  I have to get up at 5 am to make sure Zack gets his homework done.  My mind won't shut down though.  My husband went to bed long ago so I have nobody to talk to except for myself, and I won't stop talking so I'm keeping myself awake.

Gabe leaves this morning.  I know, I know... he's just going to boot camp, and he'll be fine.  I keep telling myself that.  Really, I do.... and thats why I can't sleep... because I keep telling myself that and won't shut up!  But... in the back of my over-active mind I keep thinking... Nolan was supposed to be okay too, but he never came home from boot camp!  Its thoughts like this that are making me a mess.  Can't wait to see what I look like in a few hours!  Ugh!  Now how the heck am I going to cope being the mother of a Calvary Scout when I'm whining about boot camp... and he hasn't even left yet!  I guess its different when its your son.... goodness knows I never worried about my husband when he was in the gulf.  Okay, maybe I worried a little bit... but not like this!

I bought the lotion to go with that Rich Cocoa body wash.  People, I'm telling you, if you like chocolate, and you haven't tried this stuff, you are missing out!  It smells sooooo darn good its almost edible.   But really, I don't recommend eatting it.  Well, maybe a little 'snacking' on someone else who is wearing it might be a little appetising... Yeah baby, smear it on and watch what happens when your significant other catches a whiff of you.  Unless of course your significant other is like mine who would be just as happy if I rolled around in beer before coming to bed.  Oh well, what ever works!

Agh!  Its after 1am!  I'm outta here!

Calvin and Hobbs (Gabe's favorite): uselessgraphics


bigalsbaby03 said...

Dorn!!! ((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))) I'm up spending the late night with you babe, Only it's 3:15 am here and I'm fighting a nasty head cold.....My thoughts are with you, I keep praying for you, in between my sneezing and nose Get some sleep kido, you'll need it in the morning....don't worry everything will be fine.


cneinhorn said...

Oh Dorn! Of coarse you can't sleep, your baby is going to boot camp!  HOw are you doing now? Better I hope, I hope you got a little bit of sleep too.  {{{{hugs}}} to you Dorn, I'm thinking of you and your family.  

iumiuniverse said...

I like your boogying Calvin and Hobbes picture..!  Don't worry about your son ok...I know it's easier said than son and daughter go to daycare everyday while I go to school and all I can think is..."I hope they're ok I hope they're ok"...and guess what...They are always ok...

I know Boot Camp is not daycare..but you will always worry about your children, no matter where they go.

sonensmilinmon said...

Oh I hate nights when my brain just won't shut down.  It goes into overdrive and can't seem to shift down.  ::sigh::

Will you be able to go see Gabe graduate from boot came?  I know many of the branches now have a short basic training.  I remember not getting much sleep before my son left for basic.  


sprite1229 said...

Haha, Calvin and Hobbs are exactly on point with the song i have on right now...go calvin! go hobbs!