Wednesday, October 27, 2004

RED SOX WIN! snot and the eclipse.

I'm not big baseball fan, heck I can't hit a ball to save my life, but when I caught the last inning of the World Series tonight I found myself glued to the TV.  A team that has worse luck than I had the opportunity to break an 86 year curse.  The Boston Red Sox won and I saw it!  The Great Bambino is probably crying tears of joy and pride right now in his Club Seat in the sky.  The Cardinals used to be my favored team, back in the day... but I was happy to see the Red Sox take the championship.  I think just about everyone was... except for maybe the Cardinals.

I've been fighting a head cold for the past two days, and I'm thinking that the head cold is winning.  This is twice in two weeks that I've been sick.  Tis the season!  I've blown so much snot out of my nose that I'm thinking I might actually have lost some weight from it all.  Well, maybe not because anyone who has children knows that snot floats in the bathtub and therefore is lighter than water. 

I saw a portion of the lunar eclipse.  This is what we called the 'cookie eclipse', because it looks like someone took a bite out of a cookie.  When I went out later the sky was so clouded over that the moon was no longer visable... or maybe the man on the moon finally finished eating it.  At any rate, the kids got to see it and were completely facinated by it.  Some of life's greatest wonders are right outside our back door, if we'd only step away from the TV (and computer) long enough to look.  I've had my years of experience, now I spend my time enjoying the expressions of wonder on my own childrens' faces as they see and do things for the first time.

Hmmmm, I wonder what Gabe's face looked like when his drill sgt. yelled in his face for the first time.... Good thing I wasn't there cos I would have been all over that guy like white on rice!  Thats probably why they send the new soldiers so far away for basic... so the mommies won't beat up the drill sargeants when they try to toughen up the recruits.  We haven't heard from Gabe since Saturday, atwhich time he promised to write on Monday... gracious, now I know why they call it 'snail mail'.  I've got a book of stamps ready and waiting, all I need is an address and I'll start speed-writing.  I hope he won't get into trouble for getting too much mail.  Did you know my husband's mother used to send him self-addressed, stamped envelopes to him just so he would send her a letter?  I thought it was funny when he showed them to me.... but now I see the wisdom in it.

58 days until Christmas!


purplectigger said...

I'm not a big baceball fan, but Sammie's grandparent's are, needless to say they are probably not real happy tonight. They are Cardinals fans.
Sorry to hear your sick , hope you are feeling better soon.
Have a great day.

astaryth said...

Ewwww.... Snot floats??? Hope you feel better. I'm getting over a cold, and I seem all better except it feels like I'm swallowing past a golf ball sometimes...funny, my throat isn't sore anymore though.

time2fly2002 said...

Heck no, when I was in basic training, I got mail EVERYDAY and usually a care package once a week. When training was over, I LITERALLY brought home a duffel bag full of just mail-at mailcall, our drill sgt would go, "Cumberland-imagine that..." It turned out to be quite the joke. I'm tellin ya now, mail from home will help him SOOOO much!!