Sunday, October 10, 2004


This is Invesco Field, where the Broncos played the Carolina Panthers today.  This is also where I WAS NOT sitting to watch the game because I was once again at work.  Fortunately the Broncos were able to win 20 to 17 with out my enthusiastic support.  I'm not sure if my company realizes yet how important it is for the success of the team that I be present for each and every game, whether in person, or at the very least infront of my TV at home.  Some people just don't understand hometown/hometeam loyalty.  What is this world coming to when turning a profit is more important than watching a football game.

Wouldn't you know it, I shall also be working tomorrow when the rest of the country is enjoying the 3 day Columbus Day weekend.  Now that really sucks like a big bad baby!  I ALWAYS have to work on holidays!  And I only have one day weekends!  Actually I have a schedule change that goes into effect next week, and finally, after a year of split days off I will finally have 2 days off in a row... Friday and Saturday!  Yipee!  (And its about time too!).  I don't mind that I don't get Sundays off, because this way I have one full day to myself while the kids are at school.  If I need a full weekend off I can always request an extra day off, but I like it this way.  I need my 'ME TIME'.  Without it I turn into a green-spewing, head-spinning demon and NOBODY wants to see that!


purplectigger said...

I know what you mean , I always work holiday's. Working split day's off is the pits. I hope you enjoy day's together. I know I sure do. Friday and saturday work for me. That gives me one day that hubby is at work most of the day. ME time is important.
Have a great week.

sonensmilinmon said...

You are too funny!  Sadly my hometeam seems to lose ... no matter WHERE my homteam is!  See, I think when I watch the games it makes them lose, I'm simply too much of a distraction to those young players. (cough, gag, choke)

I work at a hospital ... weekends?  Holidays?  What are those again? LOL I'm there with you!

tdavis4900 said...

I feel for ya! I'd hate to work on a day when everyone else is off too. Except for garbage men, they should never get the day off! There is so much garbage on my street because we all forgot they weren't picking up today! LOL! Including your's truly.
Cheers, BoxsterBabe

g1itterkat said...

i work 6 days a week too and sometimes 2 evenings a week also, there is nothing worse when everyone else is having free time :-(
Jay x