Wednesday, October 6, 2004


Rocky's meeting with the principal of the elementary school was successful... sort of.  The principal listened patiently to the children and assured them that he would look into the possibility of providing tastier condiments.  And true to his word by the end of the week the generic catsup was replaced by 'fancy' catsup.  Unfortunately the fancy catsup was even less popular than the original brand.  And the hot sauce was completely dropped from the ticket.  Disappointed, Rocky accepted the fact that things were better off the way they were.

Until this evening when I came home from work with my surprise.  I was so impressed by the childrens' mature actions that I went out and bought the cafeteria some 'quality condiments', just as the children had requested in their petition.  Catsup, mustard and Tobasco sauce... who would have thought those 3 items would light up a child's face the way Rocky's did when she saw them and realized what they were for.  Ah yes, the joys of parenthood.  Now I remember why I love being a mother!


ihavetea said...

you are one cool mom -- and sounds like you have some really cool kids, too. way to go!

purplectigger said...

Way to go Mom, You should win the Cool Mom of the Cafeteria.
Way to go Rocky. What a good kid.
Have a great day.

levi1023 said...

Some people just don't understand that condiments are a food group in kids diets! Geesh!
You are 1 awesome Mom! Look at that Happy face! School french fries will have a whole new meaning to Rocky and her friends!

st0rmwhispers said...

They don't serve mustard here in Stepford (oops I mean Edwardsburg) so I have to provide my son with his own bottle for school. (he even puts it on his fries).  Rocky made you proud!  (remember that the next time he gets in trouble LOL)

aiibrat said...

That's an awesome thing you did...You Go Mom!!! -=)

xxlilfweak1231xx said...

ooohhhhh  Dorn....   if we could only be like you!!!!   I think that if my daughter petitioned the principal- it would be for good ranch  (girl after her mother's heart).... but that was soooooo nice of you!!!!  *giving you a gold start for the day*

cneinhorn said...

Look at that adorable little face, what a cutie!  And you are an awesome Mom and person to do that for the kids (but I already knew you were awesome).



sharkie412 said...

There is nothing better than a good condiment to go with food. Sometimes things just aren't as good if the condiments were lacking in quality. :(
Wonderful of you to donate quality to the cafeteria. :)

mzgoochi said...

That was so sweet Dorn. Rocky has a great Mom.


xzasporated1 said...

You are a cool mom.  But if their cafeteria food is anything like I remember, that ketchup will be gone by tomorrow.

I'm still mighty proud of Rocky!  You rock, girl.  You da man, Mom.

~~ jennifer

vwkwan said... are a great Mommy Dorn!


ann7inflorida said...

Aww Dorn, You are the coolest!!! : )

cltaylor2 said...

Thanks for the laugh.  I know what you mean about the glasses thing.  One day when I was working the lense in my glasses just popped out.  I'm so blind I couldn't even see to find the lense or fix the glasses.  Fortunately, I use to work at Wallworld and they had a vision center in the store.  I hid while my glasses were getting fixed because I couldn't see when people were talking to me.  They thought I was ignoring them.  Truth was they just looked like a big blob I couldn't tell if anyone was looking at me or not.  I figured it was just safer to hide.

angieabk said...

That is too sweet!!!!!

Good for you mom!!!

Isn't it great when you find something to do that makes them smile instead of yell, "I hate you!"

Although, since Baylie hardly talks to me at all anymore I'd be tickled with "I hate you".... I think.

Have a good day!!!

danielled1 said...

You are way too cool!!!!!! you ROCK!!!


ikoiko33 said...

AAawwww, that is so sweet!!!  

Why is it that the school mustard is so yucky???