Sunday, October 31, 2004

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS, Halloween and the Broncos

FEELING:  sad, dejected, neglected, overworked, underpaid, unappreciated, misunderstood... I need a hug!

Its daylight savings time.  Have you set back your clocks?  I haven't yet, but thats okay because I still had several clocks that were never set forward in April.  I just had to figure out which ones were telling the correct time this morning and I was all set.  Here's the funny thing.... my clock on the computer was running slow for what ever reason... and had actually LOST an hour somewhere... I mean I would be pounding away at the keyboard before work, thinking I had lots of time, then shut down at a reasonable time, go upstairs and realize that I should have left the house 5 minutes ago!  Soooo, anyhow, with all the clocks in the house telling a different time I didn't know what to set the computer to, so I had this great idea... lets just wait until daylight savings kicks in, and the computer will automatically adjust itself!  I must have been under the influence of tequila (for medicinal purposes only, of course!) when I made that brilliant decision.  The computer did in fact adjust itself with daylight savings... but since it was already running one hour behind to begin with, when it made the adjustment back, it ended up where it should have been before daylight savings... which made it one hour ahead still.  I see that so clearly now.  Duhhhhhhhhh!

Today is Halloween.  I've been so busy being sick, fulfilling social obligations, and procrastinating over housework that I've forgetten to put together a costume for work.  Maybe I'll just go as a Bronco fan.  They are, after all playing today... during my shift I might add... and WITHOUT my esteemed presence.... thank you very much Mr. "No thanks, she doesn't want to go to the game, she'd rather stay home and pass out candy"!  Aghhh!  And I can't even watch the game at home... I'll be at work!  'Tis a sad time in BroncoLand.


sonensmilinmon said...


Hope your feeling better.  And sorry about those Broncos.


purplectigger said...

I hope your feeling better sonn.
Happy Halloween !

xxlilfweak1231xx said...

i didn't see my dear john lynch....  mommy duties called.....  i hope all is well with you... and the hour back thing caught me off guard tonight when i was tired at like 830....   but looky looky-  i am still awake!!!   have a good night!  rachel

cneinhorn said...

I forgot about the time change until I yelled at my oldest daughter 'why are you home so late?!"  duh!