Monday, October 4, 2004


I still haven't gotten my glasses fixed.  People at work keep coming up to me and stating how they didn't recognize me without my glasses.  Thats okay, because I don't recognize most of them without my glasses either!  I just know that I'm going to cause an accident when I drive.  Oh... not because I can't see.... I wear my broken glasses while driving.  I'm just afraid someone is going to look over, see me with my busted up glasses and freak out, causing a wreck or something.  I look kind of Col. Klinkish, if you remember Hogan's Hero's.  (I used to love Hogan when I was a kid).

Spent the evening in the hot tub.  Its so relaxing to just soak after a long day at work.  I saw a shooting star... it was so bright I was able to spot it even without my glasses on!  I made a wish, but after a half hour I realized that I should have specified exactly when I wanted the Chippendale dancers to bring me cocktails.  Obviously that wish isn't coming true tonight.  With my luck they'll show up at my funeral and entertain my remaining friends and family while I watch from the 'here-after'.

Unpaid Product Endorsement:  Suave Seasonal Body Wash, Rich Cocoa.... I got tired of having to use the dirt scented Hunter's soap because the kids keep stealing my body wash, so I bought something new today.  And let me tell you something, this stuff smells delicious!  I'm almost tempted to lick myself, its that good!  If you like chocolate you'll love this stuff.  Its $1.87 at WallyWorld.  I'm telling you people, use it and you won't be able to keep from sniffing yourself!

I'm Dornbrau, President of the Dust Bunny Club of North America, and I approve this message.


ann7inflorida said...

OOOooo The smelly stuff sounds good! I can't wait to try it. : )

wumzels2 said...

i need to invest in a lift chair, or maybe even a least for when i read your journal, dorn.  i am still on the floor here, laughing hysterically at your entry.  hope the roomie gets home soon so she can help me up off the floor.  you have such a real talent for words......i wish i had a hot tub.......i just have a really yucky shower enclosure tub,  you know, those fiberglass deals that are all one piece?  tub is so small, my cats even feel clostophobic.  i can't take tub baths (doctor said so, something bout infections.......) but sitting in a hot tub with something good smelling in the water really appeals to me..........i would even skip the chippendales.   thanks again for the laughs, dorn.  blessings, regina

purplectigger said...

I know what you mean about the glasses , If I don't wear mine I can't see much of anythng.
I've tried the smell good stuff. Your right It's wonderful.

levi1023 said...

You crack me up! LMAO!

iumiuniverse said...

I can relate aboiut the no glasses thing...boy I might as well stay in the house..or the bed without my glasses..between my son and my husband, I've spent so much money on broken glasses it's ridiculous. (No, they don't wear glasses, but there is something about a pair of innocent glasses just sitting there that cries out to them!)