Saturday, October 30, 2004


Last night Dickidoo and I went to see a hypnotist.  This guy's name is Jac Rene, and he's a comedian/hypnotist.  I kept advising Steve not to volunteer, being as this was his first time there.  The volunteers are 'out' for the entire show, and I wanted him to enjoy it.  But, being the Dickidoo that he is, he insisted that he couldn't be hypnotized and therefore wanted to prove it.  Well heck, even I can hypnotize him!  I wiggled my fingers infront of his eyes and told him to watch them and "concentrate... concentrate... concentrate... and POOF!  You're a goofball!" (not the word I wanted to use, but you get the picture)

Now Steve stood there with that 'I told you so' look on his face until I informed him that he was infact hypnotized.  "I said you would be a goof ball and you are!"

The show was great.  Steve is too much of a control freak to succumb to hypnosis so he was eliminated in the early rounds... before the fun started, which was too bad since I had his credit card, and had he actually been able to be hypnotized, oh the fun I could have had... and he would have been at the mercy of my account of what really happened (or not... hehehehe).  Maybe next time......


ikoiko33 said...


Now, there are definitely a few people whom I would LOVE to hypnotize ... starting with my boss.

"You WILL give me a RAISE!!"


awen1122 said...

LMAO!  I did that once.  I have it on video tape!  It was at the IL State Fair, I had a tshirt on with Alabama (the country group) on the front.  He had me convinced when he said a certain word that Alabama was spitting on me.  LOLLLLLLLLLL!!!