Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Gabe didn't even make it to the bus station and they've already changed his orders.  So now he leaves tomorrow.  I lost all that sleep for nothing... and now I'm going to be sleepless again tonight!  But... I have my little boy home for one more day.  Unfortunately he is at this very minute stuck in traffic by the World Arena where President Bush is making an apprearance.  I just want to know... why wasn't I invited?  Oh... yeah, maybe it was my 'shock collar' comment.

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jackiebenice said...

Hey..okay, well I was not talking about your comment...if u get what i am saying.. I was just trying to point out that what i said didnt need to have more bickering in my blog.. if someone leaves a comment in my blog, dont comment on it..u didnt do that..so it was not pointed at u..Anyway..nice journal..I really like the one about the blogging addiction.

ikoiko33 said...

At least you have one more day with him at home!!
A good friend of mine is leaving in January for the Army ... gonna miss him a lot.



vwkwan said...

Ah Dorn..you don't really want to see Mr.Bushy Bush do you? I hope everything goes well with Gabe and his departure.


sonensmilinmon said...

Enjoy the extra day with Gabe!


bosoxblue6993w said...

You probably weren't invited due to your 3-digit IQ.

cneinhorn said...

You're so right Dorn! You should have been invited.  I would have you on all kinds of alerts just so I could be the first to read your entertaining take on things! :-)  Glad you had your son home with you another day.  Hope you are doing okay.