Wednesday, October 20, 2004

CHRISTMAS CAROLS and the Principal's office.

The girls and I spent the night singing Christmas songs.  Both girls are in their school's choirs and have such beautiful voices.  We started off with the fun songs that they sing in school, but ended up with the beautiful traditional songs.  We found a site online that had songs I hadn't sung since grade school.  I can't believe I could remember some of them. 

Tomorrow is Rocky's Parent/Teachers conference.  And get this.... I have to see the principal as well!  I can't believe it... I'm not even in school... he's not MY principal, why is he bugging me?  Its about the ketchup, I know it is.  Oh my gosh, if he makes an issue of it I swear I will dump it all over his head, along with the mustard and the Tobasco sauce!  Okay, okay, relax, breath in.... breath out.... he just wants to talk... you're not in trouble... you're a parent for goodness sakes, you didn't do anything wrong, just sent in some quality condiments because the school's selection wasn't meeting the kids' culinary demands.  (Maybe I'll be 'sick' and I won't be able to go to the conference, yeah, thats what I'll do!).

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purplectigger said...

Even if you are in trouble, what's he gonna do expell you. LOL