Tuesday, October 5, 2004

!@#$%^&* COFFEE POT!

My coffee pot was unplugged this morning.  Not completely unplugged, but just enough so that the power from the outlet did not reach the electrical componets of my Pour-O-Matic, and the water in the reservoir went cold.  It took 20 minutes for it to heat back up so I could make a pot of coffee this morning.  I was NOT happy!  I kept walking over and sniffing the container of coffee grounds just to keep the cravings at bay.  I was so desparate that I was about to stick a teaspoon of grounds in my mouth to suck on until the water was heated... but the heater shut off just in time and seconds later I was holding my mug directly unter the drip basket.  I had waited long enough, I wasn't going to waste time waiting for the coffee to fill up the pot before I got a cup!

Well, the kids should be home soon.  I hope Rocky is in a better mood when she gets home.  She was mad at me this morning because I insisted on brushing her hair before she left for school verses letting her take the brush with her to do at school.  If I let her do that, her hair never would have been brushed.  She has that kind of hair that will tangle even if she's standing still in a breezeless room.  We call the hair-brushing session my Ancient Okinawan Hair Torture because she almost always ends up crying.  I don't mean to hurt her, and try so hard not to pull the tangles, but there are always just so many!  She must have 5 generations of rats nests in there at all times!  I try to braid it when I can, but more often than not she runs around like a little ragamuffin... kind of like me when I was a kid I'm sure!  Thats probably why my mom kept my hair in a page-boy cut until high school!


ladydriversammie said...

Bad coffee pot!

And this is probably a stupid question, but are you starting at the bottome of Rocky's hair and working up as you get the tangles out?  I have that "tangle in a still breezeless room" hair too and I know it's not too bad when I do it like that, but the couple of times that Charlie has tried to be all sweet and brush it for me he started at the very top and tried to brush all the way down...I thought he was trying to rip my hair out by the roots!  It hurt bad and I think I clubbed him with the brush so he hasn't tried to be sweet like that anymore...  :)


st0rmwhispers said...

ROFLMAO...I once was so desperate that I did take hot water and a spoon of instant coffee and mix it en-orifice........I don't recommend it.

I have that kind of hair too.  My mother used to keep me in pigtails during the day and braids at night.  It would take an hour in the morning to comb it if not for the braids....

Unfortunately for me my hair has thinned down to that of normal people (they say its nerves and if I calmed down it would grow back...yeah and put drops of water in the ocean and it will eventually get deeper too I suspect)
...I wish I had appreciated the "mop" when I was younger.

purplectigger said...

Oh My, Bad Coffee Pot. I know what you mean , I have to have my coffee or no one want's to be around me. LOL.
Maybe you should put someone on " Make sure the coffee pot is pluged in duty".
Tell them you won't be so grumpy if you get you coffee right away. LOL

wumzels2 said...

never cared much for coffee, and only drink about one cup a year on the coldest day.......but i have lots of friends who love it and would have done the water and spoon of instant in the mouth thing, lol.  i loved the graphic, went along so well with your tale of woe.........hope you have your pot plugged in completely in the morning.

as for the hair, since mine has thinned so much, and used to be so thick my mother had to take scissors and thin it, i don't complain about my hair anymore.  don't want to lose any more of it.  but i had a friend whose daughter had really really kinky curly hair.  she would only wash and comb it out once a week.  and then she would put a whole bottle of conditioner on it, then try to comb it wet.  child still left the tub in tears.  almost wish mine was that thick..........i hear dred locks are still in, dorn!!!  blessings, regina

sprite1229 said...

ok..im not sure how u go about combing Rocky's hair but u can try it this way...make sure u hold the piece ur combing REAL tight so when u comb the knots, the tugging never reaches her lil' delicate scalp and maybe she'll let u comb it in the mornings without any hesatation :)

cathy0o0 said...

My daughters hair is like that. A slight move and she has a mass of tangles. Yup im like your mom, I keep her hair cut short so we can control it. Mmm coffee!! maybe i will go make me some. :)

cneinhorn said...

Poor kid with the hair! mine hates hers brushed too, but what can a mother do, they have to look presentable!

cnabarry04 said...

    Spray conditioner & detangler.  It smells great, and it works!  Makes the knots easier to get out, makes the hair shiney...looks like my kid had a shower every morning (and she's only two, so that means alot.)  Don't tell, but on busy days I use it too.

aiibrat said...

mmmmmmmm....coffee...brb...gonna get a cup...

ikoiko33 said...

My mother, having a love for figure skating, opted to give me the "Dorothy Hammel" haircut thru out the 70's and 80's. It wasn't a bad thing ... me being a tomboy and all, and playing in the mud and yuck.

I am an instant human each morning ... just add coffee, about FOUR CUPS of coffee!!!



mzgoochi said...

I was the same way as Rocky. Try getting some no more tangles if they still make it, might even be something better on the market now.

angieabk said...


When I was kid my mother was constantly pulling out handsful of my hair when she brushed it.  I remember lots and lots of wrestling sessions over the brush.  She made me cry everytime!!!!

Tell Rocky that it gets better though.. Once she's older she can "tease her hair"... which basically means that she can rat it up on purpose ~ mold into a shape of some sort ~ and people will think she's brilliant.


I've been so tickled with your journal since you started using the graphics.  I remember when you'd get excited over "blinkies".   Keep up the good work!  

By the way.... where are you finding these great cartoons/graphics?!?!?!


nemokat05 said...

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