Saturday, June 19, 2004


For my fair weather friends (literally that is), let me explain the phenomenon of frozen boogers.  Cold temperatures often cause one's nose to run.  If the outside temperature is below freezing the mucous (snot) will freeze upon exposure to the frigid air.  Having said that let me give you an example.  Do you recall the pictures of cold weather explorers all decked up in thick insulated jackets with ice hanging from their beards.... or are those snotscicles?  The truth is only really known after the thaw!

My friend told me about this one.... dickidoo.  It is a male condition that usually sets in with middle age.  The symptoms are ... when your stomach sticks out farther than your dicky do!

How many of you clean out your belly button?  Not just wiping it down in the shower but really get in there with a Q-tip and get deep inside?  Funny, I never even thought about it until I got pregnant and my navel started to stretch, and I could see into it.  Ewwwwww! So I started to swab it, and .... the swab was dirty... and.... I couldn't help it... I smelled it!  Aggggggghhhhhhh!  If you are ever tempted to smell something and that little person in your head tells you not to... listen to that person!  That was the most awful thing I had ever smelled before in my life, and it came from my belly button!  So you can bet now days my belly button is probably the cleanest place on my entire body, and it smells even sweeter than my rosy farts.


beckieramos said...

LOL!!! Very philisophical! God bless, Beckie

svenskagrl said...

Second only to belly button odor is that funk behind your ears.  I wash there so I don't know what it it dried shampoo?  do I sweat there?  what?  what?

ryanagi said...

Q-Tips...great idea! But with my button, a Q-Tip might just get lost in there. I can use my belly button as a shot glass. LOL  -B

gatorspictures said...

dickidoo........hehehehehehehehehee c

fuzzypanda68 said...

ROFLMAO Oh God help me!!!!!!!!

angieabk said...

You know, if you keep this up, I'm going to have to stop reading your journals... that or start buying those adult diapers.... You always make me laugh so hard I come closer and closer to wetting my pants each entry!

Funny funny!~

Enjoyed the chat today... hope we get to do it again soon.

cathy0o0 said...

Ahh the bellybutton nasty huh? I have yet dared to venture in there other than washing it in the shower. It's like the black hole.

ann7inflorida said...

"Dickidoo" I have a feeling that will be the new word in our house! : )- Ahhh- The nasty belly button smell,.... I have a great story about that & it involves my Ex Husband- lol-When we first started dating we were having an- intimate moment- & I got a wiff of it & I wasn't sure where the stench was coming from, all I knew is that it smelled so bad it almost crippled me & I was ready to dump him because of it!!! THANKYOU for making me laugh out loud this morning! Ann : )

vwkwan said... time I was digging in there...cause I never do...and talking to my BF at the same time...and he's like smell it, it really stinks!!! And I did....hmmm...I can't remember what happened..anyways..I don't dig in there much cause it kinda hurts my tummy..I dunno why.


globetrotter2u said...

OMG! I just LMFAO!
Snotsicles! Dicky-doos! Jeez how true this stuff truly is, yet no one but you is brave enough to talk about it!
Here's another one... the other day my husband says to me... "Is my nose getting bigger?"
I looked at it awhile and said.. "I'll be damned, I think it's getting huge!"
He said, "I knew it! I never could see it before and now it's right there in front of me,  everywhere I look!"
I told him that I thought his ears were getting bigger,too.
Unfortunately there are some parts of his anatomy that have remained dormant in terms of growth patterns... maybe even shrunk a bit...Drat! Just my luck!

Anyhow... his belly is definitely blocking all view of his dicky-doo.
Life goes on, since I checked myself out pretty thoroughly after that conversation and wasn't real happy with the relevations I discovered either.


hestiahomeschool said...

I confess that I sniff my baby's belly button.  It stinks, but in a really good way.  My kids also smell mine when they are high enough to reach my belly button. We are a very olfactory family.  So, I do clean out my belly button, otherwise Tabitha will announce loudly that it STINKS!!

sprite1229 said...

my belly button doesnt smell..guess im weird or something..