Saturday, June 26, 2004


Today's word of the day is:  hineyass

Now I will use it in a sentence.

"Yes, Your Royal Hineyass, sure, anything you say, Your Royal Hineyass"

This word has the most impact when used with heavy sarcasm.  However don't expect to be picked as 'person of the day' after using this word. You will not be popular!


donah42 said...

Hmmmmm, I wonder who you could be referring to....?

angieabk said...

Oh come on... How could YOU not be popular!?

Lester's been on a royal tear ever since he read last night's entry about him being a king.... I may start calling him Hineyass... maybe that will knock him down a peg or two.... lol


ann7inflorida said...

Eh, mine is to stupid to comprehend that  I'm being sarcastic, so I just come right out & tell him he is a dumb ASS : )