Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Just once I'd like to spend a day off doing something that didn't include dirty dishes or dirty laundry.  I did loads and loads of each yesterday.  The dishes situation is getting way out of hand.  I wash one plate, they use two.  I wash two plates and they use four!.  I've offered a solution to this that would also solve my financial problems.... I just won't feed the kids and will never have to wash another dirty dish again.  Plus the money saved on food ($600+ a month for a family of 7) would be enough to make payments on the new truck I've been dreaming about.

I had to take my son to his psychologist yesterday.  He goes once a week so this Dr. who isn't licensed to prescribe asprin, can tell my normal son that he's perfectly normal, see you next week!  Thats okay, he knows how to ask the right questions and I'm already seeing a change for the better in my son.  You know, sometimes its easy to miss subtle changes in your child, but when he stops laughing thats a BIG warning sign.  He's got such a great sence of humor and its so nice to see him happy again.  I still don't understand half of what he says cos he's smarter than I and memorizes the programs from the History Channel, but he's smiling again and thats the main thing.

My husband and I are back to being friends.  He thinks we need to get professional help, you know, talk to a Dr. who hasn't got a license to prescribe medicine... I think he needs to APOLOGIZE for starters.  And then he can take those condoms out of his bag.  What am I supposed to think when he's still carrying them around... is he still hoping to get lucky?  That old saying 'Its the thought that counts' doesn't mean squat on Birthdays or Anniversaries, but when you're carrying a condom buddy, you better believe even just the thought will get you in almost as deep as if you had actually done something with them.  So thank you, but no thanks, I'll just stick with my home remedy... my little effigy.  

Let me just add folks, especially those who know us in person, no, I'm not planning on harming Mr. Dickiedoo, and I'm not going to make a bodybag out of a condom and place his voodoo doll in it (although that would make a nice picture, don't you think?).  I just think that my verbal rants here are more therapeutic for me than any psycho-analysis by a trained professional who will conclude after 20 weeks what we already know to be true now... the braincells in my husbands northern head are deteriorating causing the braincells in his southernly head to take over and do the majority of the decision making.  Unfortunately for him at the very same time the braincells in the right side of MY brain are starting to die off, causing the braincells on the WRONG side of my brain to take over the thought process, and no amount of coffee can fix this one.  And lets face it my head is harder than either one of his!

California is just a few days away.  I'm getting excited.  My in-laws really are cool people.  Its just that my sister-in-law has a BA or something in child psychology and while she never used it professionally, she is constantly analysing my children, checking to see if they're telling the truth, reading too much between the lines and not enough into the sincerity of the action or words themselves.  Basically she's paranoid, but she's also a very sweet, intelligent (oh my gosh is she intelligent!) and very generous.  She and her brother are more alike than either one of them cares to admit.  They had a big fight last summer and we are visiting against  my better judgement, but hopefully they will make up and be done with this grudge.  There's no place in a family for that kind of thing....  Hahahaha!  I just realized how hypocritical that must sound, especially after those last two paragraphs I just wrote!  Oh well, do as I say, not as I do.

Well, time to go slap on my pre-fab face and get ready for work.  Only 2 more days and its vacation!  My husband is taking his laptop so hopefully I'll be able to get my blog-fix, but I don't know what kind of schedule or internet access we will have so I might end up having to go cold turkey.  I'm getting the shakes and having withdrawal symptoms just thinking about it!


donah42 said...

You're a better woman than me---I'd be contemplating sticking the pins in the condoms....

ryanagi said...

Might I suggest my solution to the dirty dish problem? We only use the real dishes on the weekend. The rest of the week it's cheap paper plates and plastic cups. LOL

angieabk said...

At least you get a day off... when you're a housewife.. you're a housewife 24/7/365....

We had to take Katie to a psy.. for a while... she's a self mutilator... I have a hard time talking/writing that... but anyway... she'll never be completely healed but you're right.... it makes everyone so much happier when she is.  I thought the whole idea of a shrink was awful until Katie started smiling again.... the tough part was knowing that I couldn't help... a stranger had to. for penny in for a pound.......

And while I wouldn't take your husband's side over yours for anything... outside help might... help.  The fact that he suggested it may mean that he wants to fix the whole thing.... besides.... maybe the stranger can get him to apologize.  He DOES need to.

Hope the vacation is wonderful though I'll miss you something awful!

pollysci said...

Ahhh therapy...I once had to go to a session w/ my sister b/c her therapist requested my participation, and, I'm w/ you... I hate paying someone my problems when I can just confront the person I'm angry at all by my lonesome...and for free. =]  But I've had a couple of friends for whom counseling has done wonders.

And guys can be such jerks...every now and then they need a 3rd party to point out their jerkiness, even if saying ''I told you so'' is against the rules. ;D

Oh, as for dishes and'd be amazed at the lovely sculptures you can make as they stack up.  And I often get great exercise when navigating the obstacle course my clothes strewn across the floor create. ;D  

globetrotter2u said...

Ahh Jody...
You are such an anecdote for what ails me! I wish I lived in the left part of the country so we could meet in person. Your talk about the hubby's big and little head has so much truth in it. Do these guys actually ever use the big head, or is the little one ALWAYS in control?
Anyhow.. I hope the trip to California  is wonderful and that the brother and sister situation gets fixed completely. You are brave to walk into that situation with such high hopes!
Thanks so much for your kind, thoughtful comments in my journal recently. They were greatly appreciated.
I hope you can continue blogging thru condom-man's laptop while you're on vacation.If not you'll be sorely missed.