Sunday, June 6, 2004


On the top of the $10 scratch card are the words 'Win up to 20 times!' which can also be interpreted as 'Lose up to 20 times', but I'm an optimist.  Take yesterday for example.  I had $3 left over after shopping so I bought 3 $1 scratch cards.  Two were losers, as usual, but the third on was a winner.  I won $1.00!  Woooo Hoooo!  I stuck the winning card in the visor of my truck, where I keep all my other winning cards.  I currently have maybe $8.  I probably spent $30 getting those cards, but its not about how much you spend, its about how much you win!  That same mentality keeps me happy at the casino as well.  My husband doesn't let me go often, and when we do go he limits me to $100. The last time we went I came home with $40 in quarters.  I was absolutely bubbling with happiness because I had won a small jackpot just as we were leaving.  My husband is more of a pessimist and naturally was unhappy because in his eyes he saw it as losing $160 between the two of us.  Now that kind of thinking is just going to bring you down.  No wonder he's so grumpy all the time.


brandilynneliz said...

LOL... one of my best friends bought me my first scrach card a year ago (I was old enough but didnt dare buy it) she won 4 dollars... i got nothing so she bought more and she lost and I won  a dollar... I thought  I was the richest person... your entries just make so much sense and keep me laughing FOREVER!!!!

onestrangecat said...

So what if you had to spend $100 to win $40, the important thing is that you WON!!!


tjexpressions said... funny! We went yesterday and I am sure there must be two happy little Indian children with new shoes. ( We only have Indian casino's here) Shamless fun and why I am clueless but one thing for sure "I am sooo glad I never knew of such places while raising our boys! Now it is just entertainment $$ and I still have to think I could have almost bought my new door! Oh well....going again Weds. night with friends and we are staying there for the night! Wish me luck or at least wish we have time to circle our wagons before the war party takes us for all we got! Here is where I go......
Terri ~

bernmilo said...

lol thats a good way to look at it!

cuteblonde15017 said...

You for one, are an idiot for gambling like that.... Dont you relize that your husband is the smart one in the relationship here? Dont you understand that gambling is losing money all the time, ecspecially the way you gamble and LOOSE everytime. have you ever one big. probably not, cuz you suck so BAD

angieabk said...

What an old bear!  You should tell your hubby that if he grumbles and growls too much about your "winnings" then someone might really mistake him for a bear... then his story could end up in your treestand journal as the Escapades of a Bear on the Run From a Gun!

giggle giggle