Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I had planned a nice little entry about lessons learned as a child but I am having to work on my childrens' computer and I just may have to kill it instead. I have had to restart 3 times now.  The keyboard keeps switching to all caps without me hitting the caplock key, I can type but nothing shows up on the screen.... agh!  Lets face it, this computer is a Frankenstein computer.... it has bits and pieces from other computers, and I think its haunted, I swear it is!  Its a reconditioned Dell with a HP monitor and printer, and eMachine keyboard and JUSTer speakers.  The mouse is a Dell, but its more of a rat if you ask me.  Just gonna have to kick that boy of mine out of my computer room cos this just is not cutting it.  I want my computer back!  Got a $1500 computer down there and I'm sitting here pecking on this Frankenstein contraption... I don't think so!  I did a virus scan just incase cos I didn't want to catch anything but nothing was detected.  I did find 99 documents qued for printing... 99?  Their printer has been out of ink for a month... well, now I know why!  What could they possibly have to print... some of those documents had multiple pages!

Thats okay, I'll be alright.  I'm just going to send this, shut this monstrosity down, go to work, and when I come home I'll be able to get onto MY computer.  No more Frankenstein computer with the haunted keyboard.  I just know theres a gremlin or something watching me from the otherside of the monitor screen, messing with the harddrive.  I'm tempted to pull the surge protector during the next thunderstorm.... hahahahaha!  ZAP!  That'll do it!  Sizzle, sizzle!  Hey, I'm feeling better already!


ryanagi said...

We have a few dinoputers floating around here too. Once I get that new one up, I never look back. It drives me crazy to use an older/slower machine. LOL  -B

gatorspictures said...

argh! been there, done that. nothing is more frustrating...except having NO computer....hehehe c

angieabk said...

I feel your pain girlfriend.

I can't tell you how much I hate this old HP piece of crap I'm using right now.  I've been trying to talk Lester into a new one but to no avail... The bum.

Thinking of ya