Saturday, June 5, 2004


Hello, my name is Dorn, and I am a Blogging Addict.  Its hard to admit it, I didn't even realize it at first.  But the symptoms are obvious.  I go straight to the computer in the morning after I start the coffee pot.  I open my mailbox for any new Comment Alerts, then go  to my journal and check the counter to compare the number from what it was before I logged off last night.  Pleased that there have been 20 hits overnight, I go to my favorite journals and read their latest entries.  I try to leave a comment of my own because I know how much I appreciate when they leave me comments.  I wait until the last minute to log off, just incase I get a Comment Alert.... I like to read them as soon as they pop up.

During the day I refer to other journalers as 'friends', even though I don't know them personally and in fact only know them by their screen name.  They are real enough to me and I believe every thing they write because nobody would ever lie or exaderate on a journal.

After work I rush back home and straight down to the computer room and turn on AOL.  My mailbox is full lately and I am happy because most of the comments are favorable.  I have so many friends now and I feel so special.

But when my husband comes in I guiltily shut down the computer.  He gives me long brooding looks.  I think he suspects that I might be having some kind of online affair, but he never says anything.  Its hard, but I wait until he goes to bed before logging on again.  More journal alerts... so I quickly pull them up and read them before checking the counter and logging off.

Now that I am over the denial stage of this addiction I must deal with it.  I didn't sleep well last night trying to come up with a solution.  With the sunrise came the answer.  I will just have to make a committment and take responsibility for my sickness.  I will have to go cold turkey.  It will be hard in the beginning, but changes must be made in order to save my sanity.

I will quit my job and devote myself to blogging full time! 

And I will start a help group for other addicts so that they may come to terms with their sickness.  I will call it 'Bloggers Anonymous'.  Blogging is not a crime, it isa disease.  Don't hate me because I blog.  Bloggers are people too.  Just because we 'LOL' instead of laughing out loud doesn't make us bad.  We are just misunderstood.   And bloggers are beautiful people.  I am proud to be a blogger! 

(oops, here comes the husband, gotta go!)



donah42 said...

I would like a charter membership in your group! We could ask questions like this: Have you ever spent so much time reading blogs that you've almost wet yourself? Do you know your blog pals better than you know your own family? Does your ass frequently fall asleep during a round of journal reading? If so, you may have a problem....

beckieramos said...

LOL! So true! Have a great day! God bless, Beckie

gatorspictures said...

I am sooooo glad you are incurable...that means i will continue to get my daily dose of Dorn laughter every day....hahaha  christie

mlrhjeh said...

I do Understand and do the same with my journals.
I have 4 going now.

The most difficult to write is about my sister, Peggy.
The others are for fun.

Visit sometime.

Mary Louise;jsessionid=0784EA2E2A5EDC51DBD6723E590D9611

PS. My Blogging Friend..I have NO idea why the last address is so long!



angieabk said...

I hate you I hate you I hate you.......  Wanna Know why?  That's a FANTASTIC entry... one I should have written and you beat me to it!!!!!!!  You're so great!
I love reading your journal!!!!!!

I too turn on the computer early in the morning.. only for me I hit the button the instant I get out bed and on my way to the first tinkle of the morning.  I run to fridge and get breakfast (usually a diet coke) while I wait for AOL to load and I'm blogging before the alarm has stopped ringing.!  

My family held an intervention meeting not to long ago and I promised to "CUT DOWN' on the time I spend on AOL.  So,... I go to yahoo and then link back to aol....  TECHNICALLY I"M ON YAHOO>>>>  Do you really think we're addicted?

Great entry!  Really.
I loved the next one also.... You're technological upgrades are Fantastic!

can't wait until tomorrow!

onestrangecat said...

I am sitting here trying to read all the alerts that came today before I log off.  I try to do this twice a day, and there just isn't enough time to read and to write my own entries.  Do you think Congress will pass a bill and add more hours to the day for people like us?


globetrotter2u said...

Blogging is quite addictive, but it's certainly healthier than some of the other addictions I have. It's also therapeutic in a sense because you realize that so many other real people have things on their minds that they need to get off their chests. Keep blogging, your journal's great!


brandilynneliz said...

OH my gosh... No wonder I like your journal so much. You keep me laughing the whole way through... I must admit sense signing up I have become a blogging aholic... sniff sniff... get that group started soon or I wont be able to cure myself before the bad stage hits ....

sunnydazeee said...

So good, so true, so cute. Thank for the LOL. :0)

linglestownrose said...

that was funny

sixpackjeff said...

first of all, only blogging for a very short time.....i can already feel the addiction setting in (and we know i have an addictive personality).i definitly agree with you about the counter and the alerts my counter goes up i think.....was it 100, or 101 when i last saw it? make a boring story shorter....untill you came along, i wasn't sure if anyone had ever seen it.....
anyways....thanks for stopping by, and posting a comment. it made my night.

sunshine38585 said...

LMAO!! I think I need to join "bloggers anonymous" I am the same way. I recently got AOL By Phone because I am working more this summer and with no computer in sight I can still get my journal comments.

bakekc said...

HEHEHE-----I have to go throw plates on the table to look like I am busy when my husband comes home---Great entry.  

phantasiadream said...

LOL ! Where do I sign up? I just got back from Alabama today and I went cold turkey for 4 days (I thought I would never make it)

pbekisz01 said...

ROFL!  Great entry -- Bloggers Anonymous sounds like a good idea :-P  Sign me up!

xzasporated1 said...

This one literally scares me to death -- you ARE me.  Or I AM you.  I'm not sure which.  But whichever, I am just so happy that I'm not the only one.  Do you write down your counter number before you go to bed, just in case you forget it?  And -- refreshing yourself to make it turn, just so you can see it.  That was me.

I'll bet your counter has been spinning since you've been featured.  Mine is close to doubling since Thursday the number of visits I've had since February.

And there's nothing more fun than seeing that little alert box and hearing that cute little bing!

Oh this is just too funny.  And reassuring!  I've loved visiting, and you can bet I'll help your counter spin.  And I will leave comments too, cause I love getting them as well.

~~ Jennifer

froggylover3004 said...

i read your journal and you crack me up so i had to say something.  i hope your sense of humor never changes. i myself am a blogger and have been waiting for such a person like you. thank you!

worrier636 said...

What is a blogger?

hestiahomeschool said...

I have to join your club.  I had friends over Sunday and spent half the time talking about my journal friends. I even told the story about your son wiping his butt with rocks while out hunting.

floralilia said...

..and your point is?

hey - i'm proud to be an addicted blogger.  

(great entry!)