Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Okay, so my husband doesn't find me desirable anymore.  That was a hard one to get used to, but its true so get over it, right?  I have.  In fact I've done a little soul searching and have decided that he is the one who is losing out.

For instance, my clevage may not be as deep as it once was, but its LONGER now, stretching down almost to my bellybutton!  Tell me, who wouldn't want that, huh?  My measurements are 36-26-36... and thats just my waist (I have 3 of them, some people call them love handles).   PMS is no longer an issue with me, and the pre-menopause  Jekyll and Hyde moments only last a few hours a day, usually between sun-up and sun-down.  And...... I'm not the one with the 'dickidoo'!




vwkwan said...

Hahha..I think you're being funny right? I hope so!!! Your husband should love you no matter what!!!! Ok, so I'm being a lil righteous, it just comes with age : )


ryanagi said...

Your husband really IS a dickidoo! Give him a kick in the poopiedoo from me. -B

ann7inflorida said...

I'm telling are one talented,funny lady!!!  My ex stopped finding me desirable when I was 3 months pregnant ,which is mind baffling because you should see the dickidoo he's sporting! (Think "Fat Elvis on toilet type of dickidoo) It is your husbands loss!!! (probably along with his hair) & I love the Jekyll & Hyde/ sun up sun down comment-LMAO!!!...."Love handels" lolololololol : )

cathy0o0 said...

lol..... Gravity is a wonderful thing eh?....

gatorspictures said...


sunshine38585 said...

You are a beautiful person Dorn! I hope you are doing well.
Lots of love,

donah42 said...

Dorn, I appreciate the way you deal with things with your fabulous sense of humor, but I can't help but feel sad at the same time. The discovery of the condoms really bothers me.... I think you are an amazing, funny, fabulous lady and I'm sorry that your hubby doesn't appreciate this.

kkasey47 said...

You are not in that spot alone. Love gravity and getting older

angieabk said...

Yep.  I'm certain.  You and I are the same person.  I thought for a while maybe sisters... but no.  We have to be the same person.

I threw a hissy fit the other night.  "Either you find me attractive and have sex with me or you get out!"  He had to think about it!  Great.

Does he really think he still looks like adonis?  Because if he does he's nuts.  I love him desperately but geesh!

It's like they're wearing blinders that keep them from seeing themselves age too.

That's all right.  I may be walking on my nipples as they drag the ground but I least I can still find them.  He can't say the same about his dickiedoo.

fuzzypanda68 said...

That dickidoo cracks me up everytime. My boyfriend hates it, wanna take a guess why? LMAO!!


chattiekimmie said...

Oh my!  How I can relate!!!  Thanks for the smile.  Have a wonderful day.

curvyanglintexas said...

You are a beautiful, strong woman. A wonderful mother with many gifts and talents that shine through even online while just reading your journal!

Shame on ANYone who is blind to seeing what an amazing person you are (and tough caca to them as well) ;)

WE appreciate you, your children appreciate you and you deserve all the best in life sweetie!

Keep being YOU Don't let the difficult times diminish your lovely spirit.

We are all here for you. If you need someone to talk to ever, feel free to E-mail or IM me anytime :)


PS Way to go on that shirt fitting! I know I (attempted) to do a cartwheel when my smaller (plus) size pants fit ;)

sprite1229 said...

Yeah, i dont see why he would be wanting u anymore..i mean ur the mother of his children and whether he knows it or not he can't live without you so dont even stress it.