Tuesday, June 8, 2004


So we went to the creek instead.  Our mission, to find geodes which are hollow rocks with crystals inside.

We didn't find any but we found a lot of petrified wood, several bleached animal bones (I hope they were animal bones!), and tracks! The tracks above are turkey and racoon tracks. Its almost scary how the bird track is larger than the varmit track. (EDIT: after posting this message I was informed by Zack that this is actually the print of a Great Blue Heron and not a turkey... oops!  Well, I guess you all now know why we call him the smart one)

Becca always tries so hard to be a lady, but lets face it, she has a lousy role model.  She didn't stay dry for long.


Zack was the smart one, he decided not to go into the water and stayed on the shore skipping stones.


 That didn't stop the others though.  Rocky, being Rocky, was the first one in the water.

 Of course it didn't take the other two long before they were floating down the creek with her.  The ride home was awful though, the whole truck smelt like a septic tank!  I had hoped to do a walk-through at the model homes in the new housing developement down the way but something told me they wouldn't appreciate our visit so we came straight home to shower instead.  If the smell didn't run other potential buys off, our hill-billy manners probably would have.  Oh well, we'll introduce ourselves another day.


tjexpressions said...

Your kids in no way resemble zoo animals!! HA! Looks like you all had a fabulous day! I was reading through your journal...poop you can say poop! Teasing but what a story and I can relate! Confident now...I can use the word Penis in my entry today!
Thanks for the smiles...again I loved the photos of your family!

gatorspictures said...

Ah, looks like you had a better time than you would have at the zoo...glad that you guys had such a great day. P/S~your family is adorable...thanks for sharing pics of them with jland...they are great! christie

lovegroveb said...

Nice journal and pics!

sunshine38585 said...

Looks like you had tons of fun anyways. Nice pictures. You have beautiful children.

hestiahomeschool said...

Lord, your children are beautiful.  Mandy wants to know if Zach wants to visit Kentucky. LOL  Do you believe in arranged marriages?  We are a quarter Cherokee...mostly Irish/Scottish hillbillies.
Thanks for your comment about Mandy. Grown men have been bothering her since she was twelve.  Part of it is she is pretty, the other part is she is very innocent and very friendly.

glopsblink said...

Though wet and smelly, I bet ya'll had a good time. :D No, I'm not from the south but I like the ya'll word, ya'know? Anyway, I've added you to my favorites. :D God Bless.


(just a little warning, if you go to my journal the past few entries haven't been great, but they'll improve once this cold goes away.)

beckieramos said...

How funny! your kids are a riot! God bless, Beckie

ryanagi said...

Ha! Thanks for helping me continue to prove my point. Your kids are gorgeous! -B