Monday, August 9, 2004


I am a die hard Bronco fan.  Can't tell you stats or even the names of the players save a few, but thats okay cos when they're playing, I'm screaming so loud I don't have time for names and numbers.  Tonight they played the Redskins for the pre-season Hall of Fame Game in Canton Ohio.  The game started at 6pm mountain time.  I worked until 6pm Walmart time, which runs about 30 minutes behind regular time due to the long lines.  When I burst through the door, stopping to say 'hello' to my new parrot hanging in the foyer, I kicked the kids off the tv in time to see that Washington had already scored a field goal.  Sencing my presence, the Broncos quickly evened the score.  And so it continued, becoming more of a game of kickball than football.  The Redskins ended up winning, by a field goal of course, but it was still nice to see a football game again, and get away from all the politics and crime in the news. 

All through the game the sirens were going off outside.  We were under a tornado warning.  Hail the size of softballs were reported a few counties away.  During half time my ignorant family, myself included, when out and looked at the sky  to see if we could spot a funnel cloud.  'Tornado watch doesn't mean that you should go outside and watch for a tonado, it means get inside to safety idiots!...' That was my conscience speaking.  I never listen to her anymore.  She's the one who told me that getting married and having kids was a good idea.  She also told me that buying a 5 bedroom house was the answer to our messy, cramped lifestyle.  Now we have a messy lifestyle that fills a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, splitlevel house with a one car garage that doesn't even have room for one car!


purplectigger said...

aI'm not much into football but, hubby is. He is a die hard Kansas City Chief's fan. His best friend ( also our neighbor ) is a die hard Bronco's fan. Rather than watch the game's together, they watch at there own houses and call each other every time something good happens. MEN. Got to love them , it's against the law to shoot them.

cneinhorn said...

Husband is a die hard Redskins he will be happy to hear
of their win.......(he missed the game as he's at sea now)......I pick
my favorite team during Superbowl every year......whoever is doing
better becomes my Favorite team.......the Broncos were my team a few
years ago......I'm sure you were watching, plus I liked their QB, the cute
one, can't remember names either, only that they look HOT in their uniforms!

Stay safe, don't be trying to get  funnel photos when you should be hiding
in the basement!


angieabk said...

Well it's finally happened.  I've found something that we DON"T have in common.  I hate sports.  I especially hate football.  Oh well, I guess it was bound to happen.  Do you think we can work it out.. or is this the end for us?


Heck if football was it took to end a relationship I'd have been dancing on the deck of singles cruise ship 23 years ago!

have a great day!

gatorspictures said...

ahhhh, love me some football as well. counting the days.
Titans fan here....we lost some of our best players recently, and this season will most likely suck, but i will still be cheering them on when my freaking job hell-hours don't interfere....armed with my stuffed football to throw at the screen when they inevitably screw up.
can't wait for college ball either....GOOOOO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!

mzgoochi said...

Hail the size of softballs? OMG! Can you imagine the damage? Somebodies insurance is going to be pissed. heh heh

hestiahomeschool said...

My BIL's house was leveled in the same batch of tornados that leveled little Xenia Ohio  several years ago.  We dutifully troop down to the basement (but then peek a lot) whenever the sirens go off.