Monday, August 16, 2004

School starts on Wednesday.  We finally did our back to school shopping last night.  My insignificant other (sorry bud, I'm still upset) forked over just over $400.  That was school supplies, a pair of shoes and 2 outfits each for the 4 remaining school kids.  And we weren't the only ones in the store with the same mission, the lines were backed way up with buggies overflowing with notebook paper, crayolas and glue.  And people were grumpy!  Not me, my kids are going back to school.  My vacation is finally about to begin!

That means starting Wednesday, when I come home for lunch I will be able to sit on the couch and watch my home remodling show, or CNN... no more cartoons!  I won't have to fight to get out the door with a child clinging to my leg begging me to bring home some expensive sugar-filled goodie that she had just seen advertised during a commercial break from the World's Most Disgusting Childrens Cartoon Marathon.  And Tuesdays, I will rename Tuesday to 'Myday'.  Its my day off from work so I will have the house to myself between the hours of 8am to 3pm.  Ah yes, life is good!

Now, back to the subjects of cartoons.  Has anyone ever really paid attention to what these kids are watching nowdays?  Take Spongebob Squarepants, he's this strange, yellow Cello sponge who works at a restaurant on the bottom of the ocean.  One day his restaurant caught fire, so they formed a bucket brigade to put the fire out.  Another time they got cold while camping so they built a campfire.  They're UNDERWATER!  Fire can't burn UNDERWATER!  What about Cow and Chicken?  The amount of snot and other bodily secretions that they put out in one episode makes my Dust Bunny entries seem like The Brady Bunch Journal.  Cow is always picking her nose and ears with her brother Chicken (?) and she exposes her utters (!) and squirts the bad guys with milk.  Hmmmmmm.  What ever happened to Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, or my favorite Roadrunner and Coyote?  Now those were some good quality cartoons!  Wile E Coyote actually inspired me to create contraptions that would catch my baby sister.  Unfortunately like the Coyote's, none of my contraptions ever worked.  So tell me, what are kids learning from cartoons of today?  Actually those characters are still around, WB just got this wonderful (not!) idea that they would make them younger, babies to be exact.... Great, no wonder kids today are so confused!  First Star Wars, and now Looney Toons.  Everything is out of sequence.   Is nothing sacred anymore?  Well, at least they haven't ruined the Pink Panther... yet!  Or have they?


purplectigger said...

I know what you mean. I'm not real crazy about the cartoons of today. I like the old ones. My granddaughters watch all this new stuff. I agree Spongebob is about one of the dumbest of the new ones. What ever happened to Yogi Bear?
Have a great day.

cneinhorn said...

$400 doesn't go far when you have 4 kids to shop for......we have 3 here, our
mall was packed the other day, but I shopped early this year.....Hey, don't be making fun of Spongebob! ;-) We love Spongebob here!  LIttle One even has a
spongebob fishtank, pineapple and all, in her room!

donah42 said...

The one that bothers me the most is "CatDog".

bigalsbaby03 said...

School shopping has begun here too! whew what a chore! Vacation time for me too! Cept, I have to drop off and pick up at my daughters school, yuk!. Our towns only a mile long! We love spongebob, but I agree my daughter and i just laughed the other day , because i mentioned, How is there a beach UNDERWATER! AND by far the worst cartoon I've seen other then the ones you've mentioned is Edd,Ed, and Eddy! OMG Funny but soooo stupid, I wonder how do these kids grasp the concept?! Definatly a far cry from what we're used to.

beckieramos said...

My kids start back Thursday, and I am VERY ready!!! God bless, Beckie

mzgoochi said...

My school shopping has been over with for weeks now, only to have him take some of the clothes to camp and lose them! Grrrr!
Todays cartoons suck! South Park really gets to me. I don't allow it to be viewed in my house. lol