Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Not really, in fact it was a little creepy!  I first noticed the little red car behind me after I had missed the turn for the Dr.'s office.  As I drove farther down the street I realized that I was no longer in familiar territory and began looking for a place to turn.  There was a car following right behind me so I wouldn't be able to make the next turn safely so I put on my blinkers and proceeded to the next left turn.  As I was making the turn I groaned aloud because the little red car was also making the turn.  I traveled down the street until I came to the next intersection and once again put on my blinkers. Just my luck, the red car was also turning left!  My son was laughing out loud by now.  I was just irritated because I hate having traffic behind me when I'm unsure of where I am because I tend to drive slower... and here the traffic was following me!

I decided that it would be best if I just pulled over and let the traffic pass and then I could continue on at my own pace, so I pulled over to the side of the road and let the red car pass.  As it passed the driver looked at me, a middle aged woman with silvery/blond hair.  I'd never seen her in my life, and she just glanced at me then turned back to the road and drove on past.  Then... to my surprise she passed a couple of parked cars infront of me and pulled over too!  I sat there thinking... NO WAY!  This was just a little weird!  Laughing with my son at the coincidence, I pulled back onto the road and continued to the next left turn, which was just a few yards away.  Unfortunately it was a dead end.  I turned around and proceeded back to the intersection... and there was the little red car taking a right turn!  She HAD been following me!  But why?  I hadn't been driving weird or anything, I know I didn't cut her off or anything like that.  So why was she following me?  When she passed she didn't act like she wanted to say anything to me, but she had taken the same turns I had, she pulled over when I did, and when I doubled back, she took off... weird!  Maybe she was following my pink vapor trail!?  (hahahaha!  just had to throw that in!)

So anyhow, that was my excitement for the day.  When I got back home 2 hours later it was to find that I'd forgotten to turn off the coffee pot, so I had some hot... thick, dark, strong brew waiting for me.  You know the kind I mean, when its so strong it doesn't lighten when the creamer is added?  I'm starting to like that kind of coffee actually.  I believe that is what they call Turkish coffee. 

Little Rocky has been following me around the house with an Avon book.  She wants the eyebrow groomer/trimmer because she says she's getting a unibrow.  Of course I say no, 9 is too young to be worrying about unibrows!  To cheer herself up she asks for some coffee.  No, I say, coffee causes unibrows!  She peered at my face and announced that I didn't have a unibrow... And thats because I shave mine off with an Avon Unibrow groom/trimmer! I told her.  She stomped her foot as hard as her little self could and walked away leaving me to enjoy my coffee/unibrow fertilizer.


ryanagi said...

Hmm. I am the suspicious sort. I'd be asking dickidoo if he knew any blonds who drove little red cars right about now... ;-)  -B

andrea74albert76 said...

I would've been really freaked out but would've stopped til I was where I felt was safe  there's some weirdos out there ! Andrea

bigred3392 said...

Eeek, that IS creepy! Maybe she caught a glimpse of you somehow before you started to follow, and thought, "Oh my GAWD! Is that the author of 'DUST BUNNY CLUB OF NORTH AMERICA'? I must have an autograph!"

purplectigger said...

How strange. She was probably lost and was counting on you to lead her where she needed to go. Just be careful out there.

mzgoochi said...

Okay, the stalker lady was wierd!
Cameron took a razor and shaved his eyebrows once, claiming he had a unibrow. I could have strangled him! His eyebrows looked like two hitler mustaches! LoL


angieabk said...

Turkish coffee/diet coke... must be made of the same stuff because I'm beginning to look like the unibrow-er myself.

Hope you had a nice day.

hestiahomeschool said...

That is a little creepy. Maybe she thought you were beautiful? Someone she knew?