Wednesday, August 18, 2004

MY ADOPTED CHILDREN and other people on my doodoo list.

I have 2 adopted children.  Their names are NotMe and IDon'tKnow.  I asked my children where my camera cable was and wouldn't you know, the others all narc'd him out.  'I don't know' my 4 birth children chimed.  Okay, it was on the table yesterday before dinner, who cleared it off? 

Once again they squealed.  "Not me!"  Agh!  I have this really cool picture of Rocky after school today and I can't upload it!  She was so tuckered out that she just kind of dripped over the side of the chair and on to the floor in a deep slumber.  I guess it will have to wait until I can get those two kids to fess up.

I am literally covered with hives right now while I gasp for breath.  I'm trying so hard to drown my sorrows in alcohol, and I can't because I itch so bad that I forget why I'm depressed.  Dickidoo is avoiding me.  But he is still such a generous person and I find myself forgetting that he's a dickidoo.  We need to talk.  I want to hate him so bad, I want to hurt him the way I hurt, but I can't.  Besides, I itch so bad that even the heartache is kind of fading just a little.  I'll tell you what, I'd be scratching my back like a dog right now if I could get my leg up that high.

I think I'm tired but I'm not sure.  I think I smell so bad that I'm keeping myself awake.  I just ate some smoked oysters.  They are a weakness of mine.  Most of the time I smell really good (Fifth Avenue by Elizabeth Arden, next time you're in the mall take a sniff and thats me!) but sometimes I just have to have those nasty, stinky, stanky oysters and the only ones that will come close to me are the neighbors' cats.  My Barcardi and Coke is trying to lull me to sleep but my allergy to the alcohol and subsequent rash is making it impossible to even think about rest of any kind.  I think I'm going to have to find another way out of this mess.  Maybe a little confrontation would do the trick and I can save my liver (did you hear that Steve?).  Agh!  Benedryl take me away!


purplectigger said...

I'm sorry your having a bad week. It will get better sooner or later, I just hope it's sooner.
Wow, I use to have two adopted children also. Who Knows, and Wasn't me. Surprising thing tho. When my kids left home the adopted ones left too.
Have a good day. R.C.

cnabarry04 said...

    My daughter will fall unconcious in the strangest places, too.  Preferably on ME; alternately on the couch where she "drips" to the floor as well.  I think toddlers and cats must be closely related as they sleep in the most *unlikely* positions, usually with the head leading the body.
    Smoked oysters are *gross*. I have never enjoyed anything inside a shell (excepting snails.)  Those oysters and clams and such...bleargh.  They taste like rubber lungers to me. <gags>
    Benedryl has the same sleep agent in it that Tylenol PM does.  My mother was a nurse, so I *know* how to self medicate!  Just take a few of those and you'll drift right off!  Yay, I should head to medical school, right?

redhdka said...

You are so darn cute ya know that? I love my bacardi gold. ahhhh. It works! Kids are annoying! They always lose my camera wire too.

cathy0o0 said...

I know i dont know. Maybe they are cousin' or it's some kind of contagian with kids... dunno. Time will heal... hope things get better for you soon. :)

mzgoochi said...

(I'll tell you what, I'd be scratching my back like a dog right now if I could get my leg up that high.)

That was the one right there, you see it? Made me have to change my undies. hee hee

Hang in there Dorn, You're my thoughts.


apropst1 said...

I tried for a long time to hurt my dh like he hurt can not be done.It really just added to my pain even more.
I finally decided that what goes around comes around and sooner or later it will affect him...
I do not mean to add to your trouble, but your child Not me drew on my bath tub with a marker yesterday and it has left a stain.If it was art work I could deal with it but it is a dollar sign!!!
Take care and I hope you feel better soon!

gatorspictures said...

sounds like a valium kinda day.
sorry, dorn. feel better soon.
p/s-pouring the bacardi down the sink = no itching....