Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Regardless of what the time stamp on this journal says, its only 6:12 am here.  I feel like I've spent the night in a coffin.  Well, close.... I slept in the tent with the 3 younger kids again for one more night out before school starts.  They found a Coleman air mattress for me and had my sleeping bag all set up for me.  When I sat on it, my butt hit ground and I was folded in half as the air from the mattress rushed to the head and feet.  I shifted my weight and immediately slid off to one side.  I tried to counter the weight and poof, I was sliding off the other side.  It was like that ALL night long, like sleeping on a big balloon.  I finally gave up half way through the night and slept half on, half off.  I don't work today, but I got up early so I could go to my own bed and get some sleep.

Rocky was trying on her new school clothes and came out in some really stylish blue jeans that cost more than what I would ever dream of spending on a pair of my own... about $ .75 per linear inch.  She lifted her cute little blouse that ran about $ .50 per linear inch and asked me to help her close the zipper.

Hmmmmm, I say, maybe we should have gotten the next size up.

Oh no, it fits great, she says, They just made it wrong.... they put the zipper too far apart!

So all this time when I thought I had outgrown my jeans, it was actually a defect in the jeans, the zipper was put on too far apart.  I love the innocent logic of children.


cneinhorn said...

Your descriptions are so visual.......I can just picture the balloon effect of your mattress!  Ahhhhh, defective zipper, I"ll have to remember that next time I'm having trouble closing a pair of mine :-)

purplectigger said...

Wow, after all these years of getting bigger size jeans, and it was the zipper all the time. lol Now I feel better about the size of my jeans.

dingoatemybaby02 said...

defective zipper... haha thats a new one. i've seen other excuses for non-fitting clothes, and have used a couple myself, but that one is histarical! your kids are great!

angieabk said...

School doesn't start here until the 31st... you're so lucky.

another reason to envy you.

bigalsbaby03 said...

lolol, out of the mouths of babes!


wumzels2 said...

hey, don't knock sleeping in a coffin.........done it before........let me just add.....i dated numerous undertakers in my twenties, and married one...........and that is all i will say, lol.  blessings, regina

sprite1229 said...

haha..i'll have to use that one..thanx rocky :D