Friday, August 6, 2004


Theres a car dealership in town advertising Buy One, Get One Free cars.  Hey, I'm cool with that, the only catch is... the only cars eligible are UGLY!  With my luck those Dodge Magnums will be 2fers, and my husband will show up with 2!  I wouldn't be caught dead with 1, let alone 2!  My 17 year old son Zack just got his permit today.  I worry because one of his favorite games is Stuntman for the PS2.  None of my kids have fear, so I have to fear for them.  I wonder if those new Mustangs will ever go BOGOF... they aren't quite as nice as the classic, but I could live with 2 of them, one for me, and one for the boy.  My husband can keep his little "Wish I was A Harley" dirtbike... (berrrroooommmmm neeeeeee neeeeee neeeee neeeeeeee!)  

My birthday present came in the mail today.  Its a paper mache Corona parrot on a perch swing, like they have in bars and cantinas.  My husband has been trying to talk bartenders across the country into selling him one to no avail, but I finally found one online and he ordered it for me.  I love it!  I've now forgiven him for not stopping at Margaritaville in Las Vegas, but he still owes me.  We're still working on the trojans though, thats still a big sore spot.  In the mean time I have to hand it to him, he even had a case of Coronas in the cooler and limes on the table for me... I think he's trying to say something.  I just wish he would use a few simple words.  

The ultra cool Sammie made it as the Editors #1 pick.  I'm happy for her, and jealous at the same time.  And so I told her so.  Her advice... perhaps if I didn't make so many posts about farts and such I would get picked.   Well, surely I'm not that bad!  So I decide to do a quick review of my posts.  In the last 10 entries (not including this one) I made reference of some sort in 5 about farts, feces, boogers and other natural bodily functions.  I stopped countingthere because I knew it would only get worse.  I was devastated.  My life is comprised of bodily excrements!  To quote Shakespeare (I love that book!), my life is a 'dunghill'.   Oh well, I guess I'll have to be happy with the knowledge that some people actually LIKE my pink vapor!  Hehehehe!  Oh my gosh, my mom would absolutely die of embarassment if she were ever to read this!  No people, my mom has never read The Dust Bunny journal... she would ground me for a million years if she did!  (shhhhhhh, don't tell her!)


purplectigger said...

They never have a two fur on cars that are neet.  Don't worry I'll still read your journal even if you aren't in the editors picks. Mine won't ever be , I'm not that good of a writer and I have no idea how to do graphics.

vwkwan said...

Awwww really think you can't get picked because you talk about farts? Hmmm..I'm not sure about that. I think you'll get picked! Ahhhh...I bet my ice cream on it!!!


bigred3392 said...

But your posts of farts, fecal matter etc. are articulated so well! You simply MUST get picked! BWAH!

hestiahomeschool said...

This is a serious comment. I think you are brilliant, and should bind these up and send them in to an editor and get published.

spurgins311 said...

Hi Dorn,
Nice talking with you in the chat room and THANK YOU for your comments in my journal. I really like chatting with you, your such a fun person. I am addicted to this stuff, so true....why does it do that to us? I even made a 2nd trip to the park-just to get pictures for my "journal" and girl I was sooooooo tired! My butt was aching climbing those hills at the park. They were at least 10-15 feet high (steep)...hehehehe
Honestly, my butt did hurt. But, I got pictures now!
(Got sore butt~Got good pictures)
Sharon :)

ebonygrl3 said...

Happy Birthday to you, when is your birthday? Dont worry about farts LOL, I love your journal, It keeps me laughing and your entries always put me in a good mood.God Bless

cneinhorn said...

Farts-Schmarts!  Don't worry about
being politically correct so you will
be "picked'.........just keep doing
what you are are my
first stop every
and a laugh at Dorn's place :-)

redhdka said...

Every single day my daughter is saying, "Take me for my permit" Every single day I find an excuse.

ladydriversammie said...

LMAO....stuff like that is what makes you unique!  You just can't find colored fart clouds anywhere else in J-Land!

Sammie  :)

angieabk said...

I still can't believe you were in Vegas and didn't try to reach me!!!!!

When my brother was here in Feb. for the first time ever, the only place that got a tickle out of him.. that he was even remotely interested in... was Margaritaville.  I took his picture in front ... this same one... He blew it up and showed it to all of his friends back home.

I'm more impressed with REAL margaritas!


gatorspictures said...

hehehehe, yep, we love your pink vapor, dorn.
nuthin' like it...or this journal...anywhere. LOL!