Tuesday, August 17, 2004

NUTS AND BOLTS... and other leftovers from the tune-up.

The title is not relavent, its just an uncomfortable observation I make every time my husband and the guys work on any of our vehicles. 

I was poking around in the news rooms, trying to pick up some useless information that will wow my aquaintences with my worldly knowledge and came up with these.  So anyhow, here's my take on a couple stories in the news today.


Costco is doing a test market on caskets.  Indeed, they have kiosks set up in 2 of their Illinois stores, right next to the bed mattress display.  For a comfortable rest now... and then for the afterlife!  Their logic is almost tacky.  Just in case you're as curious as I was, the going price for the 6 available models in various colors is $799.99 (funeral arragements sold separately).  Delivery takes only 48 hours...  I wonder if they would qualify as a tax-free purchase?  Does Costco have a layaway program I wonder, cos I really don't have that kind of money just laying around.  Besides, where would you put a casket until you needed it?

Point Roberts, Washington:  a 16 year old girl was arrested when it was discovered that the overladened back-pack she had been taking to school but never bringing back home on the bus, was full of marijuana.  Her bus driver reported her suspicious actions to the authorities and she was later busted with a 8 pounds of bud worth over $25,000.  The prosecutor is recommending an unusually heavy penalty that would keep her behind bars until she was 21 but the community is protesting because 'she is such a good girl'.  Huh?  Hello, people, WAKE UP!  That 'good girl' was trafficing drugs into your sweet little town!  What, are you all on drugs or something?!  (hmmmmm, well, that would explain their reaction huh?  their supply has been cut off, they need her back on the bus so they can get their buzz). 


kristiejune34 said...

LOL! I saw that about the caskets too and your take on the teen and her hobby.........hilarious ! They MUST be smokin ' it , huh?

angieabk said...

I just heard about the costco thing on the news this moring.... yuck.

What is one supposed to do with that thing until the big day... keep toilet paper stored in it.  Let the cat use it for a litter box.  Sleep in it during camping trips.


purplectigger said...

That was very interesting. I sure wouldn't want a casket sitting in the shed , just waiting for me to use it. Yuck!!!!!
Have a great day.