Thursday, August 12, 2004


I picked up my paycheck today.  It was more than I had expected.  That was nice since 3 of my children will be celebrating their birthdays next week.  But then I did a quick budget and was immediately depressed.  I spend $300+ every two weeks on groceries, thats over $600 a month!  And you know what happens to those groceries after you prepare and eat them right?  They turn into .... oh what the heck... POOP!  I literally spend more than $600 a month on POOP!  For all the money I spend on POOP  the store could at least throw the toilet paper in for free!

Haven't seen He Who Is Never Wrong since last night, tonight is his college class night.  I've calmed down a lot, but I imagine it will just be a matter of time before we are at each other's throats again.  Its all my fault, I should know better than to talk to him.  I need to stick to those 3 little words "Yes Your Hineyass", I don't get in near as much trouble.  Maybe I'll take my own advice and not feed anyone, so no dishes get left around, and I'll be rich, and the bank tellers will no longer laugh at my account balances.

For my anti-fart/pee/poop/snot support group, sorry folks.  I tried... but these 4 things are such a big factor in my every day life that I can't keep from referring to them when I write about my life.  I think I actually made 2 posts back to back without any mention of these magical bodily functions, and for that I am proud.  However I was soooo constipated and bloated by the end of the night last night its no wonder I was in such a bad mood!  And now.... total release and relief.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  (yeah, that was a good one!)


purplectigger said...

I never thought of groceries quite that way , but your right.
It will be alright with your hubby. He'll get over being mad, when he gets hungry enough. lol
Have a great day.

angieabk said...

Sounds like you may have had a better day... even if it was shrouded with pink vapors!


ebonygrl3 said...

Its the same thing over here at this house with groceries, My husband me the money every week and says "there should be some extra left over for your personal needs" But there never is, and when I go and ask for a little extra he gets all bent out of shape. I spend about 125.00 a week on groceries, My boys are good eaters and so is my husband.LOL God Bless

cneinhorn said...

well, you did it again, I have never thought about all that money
ending up that way.....sheesh, now I'm depressed too.....I do
suggest taking your own advice and go on cooking strike....when
they ask why, tell em!  Maybe they will be more helpful, and
appreciate you more......what's that saying "you don't know what
you have 'til it's gone".......

levi1023 said...

LMBO! Now I have even more reason to buy what's on sale! So what if the kids don't like it that much, it isn't like they are going to keep it for a lifetime! I mean it's going straight to the toilet anyhow! Now the next time they whine, "ah mom, we don't like that kind of cereal", I can tell them, "you only have to deal with it for a matter of a few moments", just think how much I will save and spend it on things that will last a wee bit longer!

gatorspictures said...

.....dorn, is that you in all that pinkness???? hehehe