Sunday, August 15, 2004


I re-read my earlier entry and realized that I had worded it to where it sounded like I DIDN'T want my husband to read my journal.  I DID!  In fact I had tried to get him interested in it a few times before but I guess he did enough reading with his college classes that he didn't want any more.  At any rate when he finally did read it, I knew he wasn't going to be happy about a few entries, but I was hoping he wouldn't take it too hard.  In fact he took it rather well.  The trouble that followed was from a totally different issue.  So, I will continue my journal, there are no plans of an impeachment of the President of the Dust Bunny Club of North America.  And I will continue to make the self-sabbatoging pee/poop/fart/burp/snot entries that prevent me from official AOL stardom.

And, in keeping with tradition, this little tidbit.  Last night, while I was being assaulted by Arts Farts I realized why the good Lord, with his infinite wisdom and whacky sence of humor had invented farts.  It was out of pity for us humans so we wouldn't have to burp and taste something that nasty from our mouth!  I've always referred to farts as 'butt burps', now it all makes perfect sence!  The kids thought I was saying my bedtime prayer.  What I was saying in fact was "Dear Lord, thank you for not giving farts a taste... AMEN!"


dingoatemybaby02 said...

butt burps!! haha i love it! you are histarical! i just started reading some of your entries from earlier and they are soo funny. DICKIDOO vs. BOOBIDOO!! :-)

cnabarry04 said...

    I think if you sat in Remo's police car for a while, you might in fact find that *some* farts are thick enough to spread through the air and sneak into your mouth, poisoning your tastebuds for days.
Seriously.  Go ask him.

dornbrau said...

No no Cnabarry, the ones that are that bad aren't really farts, they're what I call 'vapor-shit' (can I say that here?), thats a whole different compound!  Hehehehehe!

gatorspictures said...

LOLOLOL!!! butt-burps?!?!? LOLOLOL!!!!! c

cathy0o0 said...

cneinhorn said...

I'm glad the President will remain
in her post......butt burps and all!

angieabk said...

Amen sister.  Amen.
Tickled um.. purple that farts don't have taste!

Have a great day!